Balance patch preview is a joke

-2% damage to Catalina, no Athena nerf, no Acari nerf.

See that money, Targem? Imma spend it all on other devs/publishers game, music gear, and all that jazz. Not a cent for the circus you dare to call an open beta video game


These patches are made well in advance, hence why there’s no cyclone nerf yet. I’m sure they’ll get around to nerfing all of this stuff some more at some point.

After introducing more “already planned” p2w horseshit OP packs that screw this shitty game over and over. And c’mon, tell me Athena is “too recent” or that tracks are “too recent” to get a balance patch.

2 balance patch/year and that’s the shit we get lmao. This company sucks and people who pay for the crap they produce since a year need to reconsider their priorities. They can sit on their sub 40% recent reviews on Steam. I’m straight up out of this shit game by the end of the week if all we get is disrespect from a company that has no qualms taking our money.


I’m just glad I didn’t spend a lot of money here. I did the math the other day and it was about $100 a year, which is more than I thought, but isn’t that big of a loss to me.

I have $20 tied up in the current passes that right now I’m only marginally less than content to just accept as a loss. It sucks to waste money like that, but I’m not going to torture myself by playing this crap just to get my twenty out of it. It’s an acceptable loss, and I would pay twice that to avoid the the kind of frustration this game has to offer.

I think seeing long time fans like you so pissed is a red flag, and you’re not the only one pissed. Not by a long shot. I would have thought they would have taken the widespread outrage this update has caused more seriously, but clearly they are not.

This update is pissing in the ocean with any supposed improvement it presents, and a disappointment, IMO. I was really hoping they would have addressed some of the more pertinent issues we are having, and they seem to have just walked by it and are simply going to ignore us.

It’s freakish how some people will pretend like everything’s fine, or even in fact “Great, thanks.” It’s bizarre, but it seems like it’s the way of the world lately, and this game is by far not the only place this odd behavior is happening. It’s global. NPCs are breeding like rats, and parroting the narrative is way more popular than I ever would have imagined.


Don’t fool yourselves. These are not balance changes.

They’re sales tactics.

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to me acari is fine the way it is. it doesnt need a nerf. it helps to deal with enemies well and its not as overpowered as the incinerator or fire weapons.

did this get buffed? im looking at it on ps4 prices and my jaw cratered through my floor when i seen its price of 13,000… i thought i drank the wrong cup of tea there for a second. 13k for this damn thing? why?

im sure itll be adjusted before its released in the patch.


before its put into the next BP or nerfed

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No it just took or smooth brain community half a year to realise an energy hitscan, heating and explosive weapon with medium range is very strong

They just cried to mommy when it had a little bit more spread because using your brain is too hard for our community so they changed spread via movement speed on all weapons after 6 years just because of it.

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Im enjoying the game more now than I have in quite a while.

CW weapons and setups are more balanced now than they have been in a while imo.

Some guns are left to rot, but its not 4 stacks of Typhoon or Punisher teams dominating everything like it was for periods of time.

I dont want perfect balance, because youll never have it in any game. I just want there to be enough of a variety to get back to the rock, paper, scissors. And were closer now than many periods before.

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