Balanced advice on some special weapons

1.Increases skills for m37
Now m38 not only surpasses m37 in attributes but also has a powerful ability, which is somewhat unfair to m37, which is only one rarity difference.
2.Weakens some of the properties of leeches
Don’t just focus on weakening the spitfire, the leech is also similar to the spitfire, lowering its properties to play its transitional role.
3.Weaken the Hulk’s attributes
The Hulk has a great durability and firepower advantage over the little boy, which should not be just a rarity gap, slightly reducing its firepower and durability and slightly increasing its weight.
4.Improve the durability of the median
After reinforcement, it has a good attack effect, but he still does not have the ability to combat because of its larger model and low durability

I feel like Hulk,Mace,Piercer clearly outperform the rest of the special tier weapons. Adjustments are needed for the sake of build diversity because hardly anyone uses the other specials.

I definitely disagree on Hulk. It’s about the only rare/special ranged weapon that is still strong enough to be playable in this garbage melee/shotguns meta.
Buff back LB’s reloading instead, it became absolute crap. And increase the spread on the move of turret cannons back to where it was, so people stop spamming them in CQC or on hovers like derps. I miss needing to put efforts in my LB plays to do good.