Balanced match’s

Ok I’ve complained enough, so I will point out the good I’ve seen in the last week.

This is fun I’ve been winning more matches then losing, in rides like Christine here.
That being said , I formed my own little band I guess because I’m not officially a clan, lol yesterday to get collect my 2 special crates for doing so, and had a string of 45 good matches that didn’t look like this.

I almost abandoned the band I formed.
Because as soon as I formed it because went 4 and 11 right after I formed it, 5 of those losses was against 4 btk , and 2 of their buddies, while I was with whoever. I didn’t even play the 5th match.
And then to add insult to injury 3 matches later a bit wins the match for 2 btk members.
In my opinion I would rather the bots go back to dry humping the environment, than them being mvp’s.
Now i said this in another thread I’m not a forum poster I would much rather play the game, then bicker about whether this is overpowered or that’s underpowered, especially when match balance is so much more important.

There’s literally only one bot in the enemy team, and you 5 human players watched him destroy your team with its deathrays while you were fucking up the enemy players.

I don’t think devs are responsible for that screenshot, just sayin’. “Bots first” is like, the first and only rule of solo Q PvP. Especially on consoles where the average human can’t hit you consistently past 15 meters.

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If you want less juiced bots then lose more ig. Bots are literal aimbots but their AI is trash so really this is just your team ignoring the cannon spider or w.e that was

I have played this game for 6 years now and not once during that time have I ever felt like the matches were balanced.

But I do think that it’s especially bad now with how group-oriented the game has become, with the armor changes nullifying years worth of past weapon balancing and making some already good stuff straight up OP and making the guns that struggled, were updated to not struggle that much, to struggle even harder

So what i’m supposed to ignore the 2 clan muggers instead of the bot.

If you don’t focus on muggers they will dominate a match. I know it would be nice if more players would do this instead of just sitting there shooting at them. If these guys aren’t pushed off they eliminate up to 50% of the fire power n the area. You push them off you limit the damage to the team and help preserve his fire on the mugger.
So I say it again bots, shouldn’t be the mvps

The truth is:

It’s bad to let bots OR players shoot unhindered.