Ban + bots + idling


I got a BAN for using BOT or idling ?
I never used BOT and it is very rare that I idle.

Where can I get help with that, I think there is a GM who just don’t like me ?

Thank you.


Look in that category called rules.


I still don’t understand why I got baned, No idling and No Boting, on my side.

Can we know why if we are not guilty ?

Thank you.


Couldn’t tell you I’m not an op or mod but to fight a ban you have to look in the rules category and follow the directions they give you there.

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this forum might not be a decent platform like reddit, or even moderated at all like reddit, news only appear here because some poor soul copy pastes them from reddit, but at least we got the spam bots here!

i wonder what the link is going to be and how many regulars are actually going to click it.


Well, Never got a clear answer, and guess what happened today, after a 3 days chat ban, I come back online and go on Bedlam Russia Server, and I got CHAT BANNED for 1 week. Because of this line : Этот сервер слишком прост, только новички России, пока!

In English : This Server is too Easy, Russian’s Newbies Only, bye !


QUESTiON: Is it possible that a GM that do NOT like me, just BAN me for no reasonable reason ?

Well, 1 week still, no chat with friends, no chat with guilds etc… GM are very bad and they should be more respectable.


Group chat and Clan chat should be unaffected

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There are also many chat apps we can use for games. eg, There is “discord” that can run on PC, xbox and mobile phone at the same group. Why a chat ban within the game from a player affected a group of friends?

ngl thats kinda lame u just said: “This Server is too Easy, Russian’s Newbies Only, bye !” thats nothing

im way much worse in any competive game like csgo, and as it should be, because competition needs toxicity between enemies (and sometimes our random teammates can really be worst then useless)