Ban Lock-On Missiles In "Off We Go" Gamemode

Title. It’s not unprecedented, they did a lance ban for Arena 9k. This game mode is very fun, except 50% of everyone is just using fire and forget weaponry.


Dude there are like 80 ways you can counter htem including literally dodging them, just get good.

EDIT: you do know that 99% of all helis IRL use lock on missiles right?


You know that irl you can’t slap on copter blades onto a car or a tank and make it fly right?

You ban homing missiles it’ll be just drones. You ban drones, it’ll be just scorps. Nobody cares about anything than the easiest victory no matter how cheesy it is and how big of a crutch they use


BULLSHlT. The entire battle is NOTHING BUT HOMING MISSILES. I dont want to spend the whole battle dodging CONSTANT CONSTANT CONSTANT MISSILES. It gets old real quick. NOT EVEN FUN


Missiles where pretty heavy right at the start on Xbox. Now people are figuring out different way to attack and the missile population is decreasing.

I’m flying a triple flash copter :slight_smile:

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Lol, this is why I thought it was so funny when people where sharing their cars that looked like Helicopters. I was thinking “They can’t be dumb enough to think that helicopters in Crossout would look like real helicopters, right?”

Like in real war, people want to use what kills the enemy better and what keeps them alive. No one is saying “Nah bro, we don’t need drone spotters to go in the area first, that’s so cheeeesy.”

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I thought that was for the funs. Though wedging equipment into the tail is useful.

General reply to topic:

I have a feeling they already knew the missiles would be this bad in the game mode hence they put out the promotional pack sale “cover me” with an Argus in it. As well as flying one equipped with guided missiles in the live stream.

I wouldn’t want them to ban anything for the mode; however, the Dev’s more then likely could have set custom rules for guided missiles for the game mode in regards to life span and maneuverability. Dodging the same missiles 3 times from the same launch is annoying. They could have also tried to indicate the direction the missiles were coming from via the mini map that also would have made it a little easier to try to dodge them.

I do agree that they knew this would happen.

BUT the meta is shifting fast on Xbox. I just played a match this morning and only had maybe 2 guided missile guys on each side. As people start using counters to missiles they become less effective.

We have a ton of things that instantly counter guided missiles. Including just flying up or down at a fast speed. The turn speed is to slow and they miss. I dive or climb as soon as I hear the beeping.

It was worse today on PC then it was the day before with them. It’s fairly constant to get them locking on within the first few seconds of the game and each respawn… I’m not complaining though.

It’s very situational I’ve seen them loop around just to hit me again on second and sometimes 3rd passes. Cloak works only when you don’t have a secondary person firing on you which is fairly often with the random spawn points. I’ve managed to shoot some down only to have second batches launched before I finished with the first ones. I haven’t had much luck taking them out on terrain though.

Ban weapons because you can’t cope? Bad idea. There are cabs and modules that make guided rockets much less effective.

Then, there are tactics like staying low so you have cover. Heck, that’s done in real life.

Learning to control the copter well also is a huge help. Rolling it upside down so you immediately nosedive as the rockets get close works amazingly well.

Being that we’re all flying makes it harder to hide ammo boxes, and with the matches lasting as long as they do, we’re having to mount a lot of ammo. There’s another tactic you can use… Put a scope/module/cab that can highlight explosive parts and have a field day. I got 1-shot killed a couple of times before I realized that’s what was happening.

I’ve taken more MVPs than not, literally. And I’m not flying. I’m playing an AA ground build on omnis with the new controls. I easily tank 4 or 5 entire salvos when my cloak is on cooldown. My highest score so far is 4654. Again, playing exclusively on the ground. I’m doing just fine, I’m just saying that incentizing people to use less effort and get better results is a crock.


People must be getting the new map more than me if they’re complaining about homing missiles, I’ve played 15 matches in the flying mode and only played once on the new map!
The two city maps suck for homing missile builds as you literally stay low and fly around buildings and 90% of the time you can dodge the homing missiles, the only map where they’re remotely good is the new citadel map with little cover and a higher flying ceiling.
So unless people are playing primarily on the new citadel map unlike me, the other two maps are easy to dodge homing missiles, don’t hover there all the time even when you hear the beeping :rofl: :rofl:
A cloak is such a thing in this game too …

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All auto aim weapons should be banned from the mode. They remove skill and remove all the fun for players using aimed weapons and especially non-hitscan. Its realistic, sure. But these aren’t battles of dueling helicopters floating around and over treelines and hills shooting eachother down with one missile from 5km away, Idc about the realism of lockon missiles and AI aimed weapons.

Okay, I’m not dropping coins for niche weapons to use in a novelty event. This event should be fun with everything that isn’t easy like autoaim/lockon.

I respectfully disagree, outside of the cacausus. The Pyre and huricane are quite balanced sure they do a lot of damage and require little aiming but they also come at a down side, they are hard countered by several modules or just smart movement on the targets part, if you see them coming they are not a threat at all.

They don’t remove any skill as the user must also be skilled with possitioning firing from to far or to close means an easy dodge or miss. IT just moves the skill required to movement instead of aiming.

Take it from a person who has used a lot of weapons in the mode if anything is low skill it is the face hug avalanches who just fly upto you and point blank.


Spot on. I get the feeling the folks complaining about the homing rockets just don’t have any, so they don’t know what it takes to use them. The only time they’re simple to use in this mode is if you’re going against a ground-bot. They’re easy kills for sure.

Adding to what you said about the Pyre and Hurricane… they’re both super fragile to the point that I find it very difficult to even protect them within a build. My current one has them wedged very deep between the cab & Goliaths just so they won’t get shot off. The entire build had to be designed around hiding them and the ammo they require - which is significant since the matches go so long.

I had to (and continue to) redesign the rig so it’ll last longer. I kept getting one-shot killed before I figured out it was folks with cabs/modules that highlighted explosive bits. They just aimed for my ammo and voila, I was dead. Granted, the ammo was and is armored, but there’s only so much you can do when your build is exposed 360 degrees.

There have been a lot of complaints about this mode, and the one thing that seems to connect them all is the fact that the people complaining don’t seem to want to learn anything new…

They don’t want to learn to control the vehicle - thinking whatever they know about driving on the ground should communicate directly to flying through the air.

They don’t want to learn how to armor something 360 degrees.

They don’t want to learn what weapons are good in the sky vs. the ground (I’m a shotgun guy, but there’s a reason the Apache Helicopter and F22 aren’t equipped with them).

The don’t want to learn new fighting tactics…

That’s fine. I get it… I don’t particularly like when they nerf/buff crap that was working fine for me thereby causing me to have to rebuild half my stuff (the recent re-weighting of structure parts created a ton of work for me). If you don’t like the mode, don’t play it.

Pyre being fired one by one means modules dont matter. Smart movement means crashing on urban maps, and spending more time evading a clicker with no aim than shooting the enemy. Avalanche facehugs arent a thing.

WHy cant they make a FLARE OPTION as a part? Maybe 1 energy pt. This is really not even fun anymore whenCHODES have 7 pyres with 40 ammo each and they just lock on the entire battle. Then some even stupider chodes say to dodge them. Like WTF. Dodge them when Im in the open sky? Or get behind something? Behind something in the open sky? Are these chodes the stupid azz kids who need to disagree just to disagree without even thinking? YEAH BRO. IM GONNA HIDE BEHIND THIS CLOUD WHILE 7 MISSILES ARE COMING AT ME. STUPID

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Firing 1 by one means your missile are easier to dodge as you have one point of damage that is coming from one angle.

Smart movement… ok that one just boils down to needing to learn to fly, it ain’t wheels of course you are going to crash if you you don’t know what you are doing.

And that last sentence told me you haven’t played the gamemode once.


BAN “NEST ROCKETS” there turning radius is insane.

Yes you can dodge all the other “Homing Rockets” I do it all the time.

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