Basic Builds: 80 structure +20…

Basic builds should have 80 structural parts and an additional 20 parts for: weapons, hardware, and decor.

Example: 5x 3 Energy Weapons + generator + engine + cloak + car jack + radio + keen + left electro shift + right electro shift = 5+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=14 total w/ 6 left over for decor

Levi’s 180 Structural + 60 W, H, D …

Lets just reduce it to 60 structure parts so you can have your 80… sounds fair right…

Fair enough, I ran out of parts few times making 5 and 6k builds :smile: :smile: :smile:
Number of parts could be left alone. maybe increase durability, PS, weight of structural parts instead.

It might be time for the devs to increase the part limit. It’s been noted in the past that the more parts per build, the slower the video processing (on the client side)…but with the advent of a custom battle where you can have 16 leviathans slugging it out, maybe the 80-part-limit is outdated. Then again, not everyone has the lastest hardware, so that might knock some people out of the game altogether.

So I don’t know.

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Once you get passed these math deviants the same outcome can be solved for.

I think that weapons and hardware should stay in the 80 parts limit, but a separate counter for decor parts would be awesome. (I say they should stay because my builds DO NOT need to get tankier, 7k hp at 6k PS in PLENTY… yes, I’ve done that before.)