Battle Pass and new players

Hello everyone, I would like to say that I really like the battle passes, I find that they are accessible to everyone, they are inventive and it changes the gameplay of the game for the better. I just had a thought on this subject, we old players were able to accumulate the different items from the different battle passes because we have known the game for several years but new players cannot have the chance to have access to old items from old ones. battle pass, in this sense there could be two battle passes per season, those that we all know which are new each time and another which would be the first battle pass of the game, and in the following season the player would have access to the second battle pass which was released and so on, it would leave the choice and above all the possibility for new players not to feel lost or with the feeling of having arrived too late in the battle pass timeline. When do you think ? The choice of opting for a battle pass system is very good but I think it evolves with the times and not that it is only a privilege for former players.

The items from older battlepasses are on the market. While you can’t get the BP fused ones, you can fuse them yourself.

However, things like paints, stickers, and profile pictures aren’t as available and are sometimes nearly impossible to get.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having the older battlepasses come into rotation somehow.

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i wouldnt mind the older battlepasses coming back for newer players to have access to the old blueprints but sadly i dont think they will. they completely stopped doing permanent blueprints. sad but this is what they decided. im hoping they add the blueprints to the game in the near future but some items take casings and stuff which you cant get in the game anymore.

they do in the store for the same price as the pass nd more then the pass lol used with cross crowns

I’m wondering if we are all in the same time line. Did I slip over into the Twilight Zone, or an alternate universe? Damn you, Spiderman!

In my universe they have alternate battle passes that are briefer than the main battle pass, run along side the regular battle passes, and they do offer items from the past battle passes, presumably for newer players that may have missed out on previous battle passes…also, Spock does not have a beard, and Curious George does not have a tail, although they still refer to him as a monkey often.


In my timeline, “Sketchers” is how the shoebrand is spelled

And Richard Simmons absolutely wore an iconic headband almost all the time

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