Battle pass levels

Ive bought the normal battle pass, completed all challenges, would like to know why i will end at level 130 with 4000 points? Why the 4000 points, whats the meaning of completing challenges to have those 4000 points if the pass will end at this value, not enouph to complete level 130?

Even if you buy a level you still have 4000 points left, a complete level is 5000, this is bad, the pass should end at a complete level, ive done 3 days of challenges for nothing.

Dunno if i will buy another pass, think this is like joking with us.


Um. How can they possibly do this?

I mean they can work it out “perfect” but maybe the player didn’t complete every single daily.

Stop looking at it like you got stuff “left over”

Did you pay $10 because you thought level 130 was the reward worth $10? Or did you pay $10 because you wanted the equipment?

Anything after the equipment you thought was worth $10 is EXTRA not entitlements. It’s not “waste”. It’s just some stuff left over.

When you build a house, you don’t cry about the ends and pieces of boards & materials left over at the end, because that was not what you were buying.

Im not crying, just saying is not fair, most of the players that buy the pass complete all challenges, who doesnt complete just doesnt complete. Since day1 i knew i was going to complete until level 129, but have you noticed that level 130 is different, why? Why not level 130 has 15 lighters instead of 200?

Is the first pass you dont get to last level of pass, did all the players know this when they bought the pass? I did the math at day1, what about who didnt? Have the devs said anything about that on pass release?

i m just saying it should end at a complete level, dont care if it would end at level 10, 100 or 129.

I have 9 relics and all the other stuff i have is fused, i have all that i need to compete at a high level as i usual do, the only thing i use of this pass are the new legs.

Just expressing my opinion, why they didnt give the 200 lighters at kevel 129 instead of 130? Think would be a nice bonus for those who played the game every day and completed all the challenges, dont you agree? Instead you get 4000 points of challenges for nothing.

How would they sell extra levels with a hard ending cap?

We must understand all the systems in the game (most f2p games) are designed to get MEV out of our pockets.

MEV = Maximum Extracted Value. Fairness does not enter this equation ever. (I spent the last 10 years of my career specializing in MEV for THE major retailer in the U.S.)

The only thing that matters is increasing the checkout value of your cart. That is the driving factor, no fairness involved.

Note: I am simply stating why it is how it is. I personally agree with you.

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Im 51 years old and i understand the MEV too, i understand most of the players will buy extra level to get the 200 lighters at level 130, but i would understand too if you would end for example at level 129 completing all the challenges and than if you want buy extra 130 level, or end at 130 completing all challenges and they would put the 200 lighters at level 131 for people to buy the extra level, the point is i dont understand the 4000 points that you get at the end by completing all challenges since day 1, even if i buy the extra level 130, i will still have the 4000 points left with no use.