Battle Royale Problems

On Playstation, there’s not too many people playing this mode but I enjoy it! But when you need 16 people at once to play a round and sometimes you’ll be waiting for over an hour to play one game.
To make things worse now, people have decided to team up in it and takeover the leaderboards, there’s at least 2 pairs currently on the leaderboard for Playstation that I’ve witnessed teaming up in Battle Royale, it ruins the whole game mode when they’ve double the health and do double the damage working together making this mode just agonising to play.
What can we do about this?

No one on Xbox plays this mode. Like you said it is to hard to get a match.

Maybe they should reduce it to 8v8?

Or what about making a weekly challenge to finish a battle royal?

Teaming up happens because of that shiny reward cheaters want to farm and sell. I think removing the legendary decoration trophy would help with that. For the rest, I’m with Monkey. Put a 50 badges weekly objective to kill 1 opponent in Battle Royale, and increase the rewards by 10%. Still wouldn’t play it tbh, but I understand why some would like to find players.