So in battle we only ever get to chat with teammates right? At the end of the match is this still true? Like the couple o secs after the victory or defeat graphic.

I don’t know but if any one knows any info on Battlechat that could explain the basics… would be nice to put out there.

Also i find having General chat just going on while crafting builds is nice when im up all alone in the night. Kinda keeps ya company and i often learn stuff from just reading the players chit chat.


Battle Chat lets you talk to teammates even ones that are blacklisted while the match is ongoing. At the end of the match you can still chat at the score out page. You are basically all still in that chat grouping until you hit the next battle or go back to garage buttons. After those buttons are hit you are removed from the group.


Thanks that’s good to know. :+1:

Ah yes general chat. Too bad im banned for 30 years. I wont be sharing my builds on exibition anymore as a result. General chat was half the fun of exibition shareing. Now no one gets to have my builds anore. =(

And ive got some reaally nice new ones too lots of people would love to have.

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