Be careful when you start match, check the right choice

Today independently change match from patrol to raid and I lost 80 fueI.


Happens to me regularly… I am pretty sure that it’s usually raid rotation has changed, but that is NOT always the case.

Just this weekend, I was banging out the 20 side missions in Adventure. I was using a build with no more than 20 parts.

4 wheels
4 boosters
5 decor for the bonus exp
3 or 4 frame pieces…

Literally zero armor.
Zero weapons.

Returned to the garage to get a map NOT full of “find the crates” missions, return to battle and voila… I’m in a PVP unarmed. :joy:

Would you believe me if I said I got MVP?

Because that’d make you silly.

I sometimes by accident use a healthy amount of fuel on the copper patrol before noticing.

I found a nifty little trick for when the maps full like that. You go to one of the redo missions markers and then don’t do the mission but accept it anyway so it will toss you into a new solo map instance. Then you can do what ever side missions you want in the mean time. The side mission in the solo instance are always at default positions.

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Thank you! I will certainly be doing that from now on. It’s advice like this that keeps me coming back to the forum.

Welcome, I should clarify default is random but you can always go back in and get a new selection. It still clears the issue though and I agree that side mission congestion is a problem.

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