[Bedlam] A definitive nerf of SD builds

It might not be the main gamemode in crossout, but the Bedlam is a place where a lot of people play daily. And for a while now, this gamemode has been poisoned by a technique of instant self-destruction used by SD builds (SD = self-destruction). The idea is simple : you just need to use a blast damage weapon aiming at the ground with a barrel near the zone of explosion. On a single click, your vehicle explodes, making you unreachable if someone tries to counter back one of your attacks. And within 2 seconds, you spawn back some place else in the map and keep on harassing other players. (I don’t know if that explanation was essential, I just want to make it clear for people who don’t know what a SD build is).

There is an unanimous agreement on the annoyance of this type of builds. Some cowboys still uses them to game-trash other players, making the bedlam less attractive, and crossout itself.

The idea for a nerf would be simple, and I could give two suggestions I heard

  1. making the respawn timer longer : 15 or 10 seconds instead of 2 - this should be enough to dissuade players from using this technique. They would spend more time in the timer than in the game)
  2. Disabling self-damage when a weapon is aiming at the ground.

These are just exemples of simples fixes, but I hope on hearing others.

I think we can all agree this problem in bedlam lasted long enough.


Is this on PC? I frequent Bedlam often and don’t think Ive seen this.

yes, I play on PC

I’ve never heard of someone calling for a Bedlam balance patch before. I’m not sure that will work out but you never know. Generally for Bedlam balance, you appeal to a force lower than the Devs. You need the Bedlam Police. Bedlam Police can punish bad behavior with Skinners, Porcupines, fire dogs and other strong builds. They usually single out the offender for destruction so that the rest of the Bedlamites to can continue the art show in peace.

Sometimes, the Bedlam Police go rogue and break up the art show. That’s a different subject.


Yeah but whatever your “bedlam police” is, it won’t do much against SD builds. That’s why I want the devs to intervene

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i’m new to this forum. Should I move this topic in category Bug reports ?

What you need from the Bedlam Police is a bomb squad officer with Helicons or Waltzs. A Bedlam Police Bomb Squad Officer can de fuse de wheel and decab an explosive troll build from distance before it ever reaches the art build citizens.

If I were policing the situation, I would have no trouble de fusing a SD troll build. I have everything I need for that, including a verifier and a Lightbar horn.

Haven’t played Bedlam since last summer though. Maybe Bedlam has gone to Bedlam and there are no Bedlam Police left to keep order and peace amongst the new players. Its a thin blue line out there.

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I’ve been complaining about similar stuff every now and then for like 2 years now, good luck on wishing but the devs are not gonna touch bedlam at all. Maybe add more invisible walls at most even if there is a JUMP PAD CLEARLY IN FRONT OF THE LEDGE FOR ACCESSING IT WHY IS THIS STILL A THING WHY ARE YOU SO BAD AT MANAGING YOUR OWN GAME

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I don’t understand the problem. Ok the enemy can SD before you reach them… but what is the problem with that ? It’s not as if you would have gained something by killing them yourself. It’s bedlam. If you destroyed them they would also have respawned to harrass someone else…


I know 2 bedlam players in particular for whom this is their modus operandi. One is “fair” and targets everybody equally. I’ll even defend him sometimes against people hunting him down. The other one targets only certain people (including me!) and it’s a great feeling to nuke him before he can nail you or self destruct. They normally use lightweight builds, so you don’t need heavy weapons.

Personally, I find the whole thing amusing, and those 2 often get hunted down…it gives the rest of us something to do…but I can see where newer players might take it personally.

There’s 2 methods you can use to get back at 'em. First, they usually prefer to respawn into certain spawn points on the maps which give them an advantage. If you’re lazy, all you have to do is wait near those spots and nuke them as they reappear. Secondly, WATCH THE MINIMAP! As soon as they self destruct, note where a new enemy pops up a few seconds later; it’s a good chance that it’s them. Head there quickly, blow your horn, and nuke 'em before they self destruct again.

If you make a game of it, it actually can be fun.

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