Bedlam sucks

Bedlam is a game mode with “No Rules” as stated in the game modes description. However, that does not mean it should be ok to break the Crossout TOS.

“No Rules” is not an accurate description as it leads some players to believe its ok to harass others. Singling out a docile player and killing them over and over is harassment. Its obvious that cyber bullying is a serious problem online, it’s plain depressing and drives away players that want to socialize, make friends and feel welcome.

You can do all kinds of fun things in bedlam that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do in normal battles. You can build a sling shot that launches your friends across the map, you can show off your art build that you spent hours crafting, you can mess around with grappling hooks, rocket boosters bounce pads all kinds of crazy stuff. So its a real buzzkill when you come to this unique game mode and a toxic player joins and kills you over and over in the most mundane way possible just to make you mad.

A description of the game mode can easily be changed and I suggest implementing a simple feature that discourages griefing by punishing the offender after a set amount of targeted kills against a specific player without being killed in retaliation. Two options I thought of is disabling their weapons for a period of time or banning them from that specific bedlam instance. A better suited game mode for those people should be a FFA. I don’t see anything wrong with at least testing this and seeing what the community thinks.

I’m not sure if the great moments and dynamics most of us experience in bedlam were intended by the developers, but I feel many players see bedlam as more than a free-for-all. It would be great to see Bedlam differentiated from a Free-for-all, and let them be separate game modes.

  • Suggestion -

Free-for-all - kill everyone, you get rewards

Bedlam - no rewards, sandbox chaos (no harassment mechanic)

    • Hope people will see this and have an open mind - -
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Bedlam has always been like this, and yes I understand what you’re saying…some folks come to cause mayhem, some to hang out, some to fight for fun just with people they come to know. There used to be a rule about not attacking art builds; that sorta went out the window, since everyone has a different definition of “art”.

FWIW, there are some of us who go out of our way to defend newer/weaker players being attacked mercilessly. Most of the people I know in bedlam are decent, but alot are just kids, afraid of the “goons”, knowing if they help someone else, they’ll be targeted as well. I don’t tolerate that shit, and will go after the worst people with the worst reputations…I hate seeing goons ruining the game for newer players.

In the meantime, remember that you can form your own group (up to 4 players) and start a new bedlam session by yourselves. Other players may come in, but the goons stick to the more crowded session.

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I remember the first times I went into Bedlam guns blazing, everyone else ganged up on me until I calmed down. Don’t they do that anymore?
I don’t think I’ve loaded up bedlam for years now.

They do in fact do that, it’s kind of funny to see a 12k PS player get targeted by 2k PS all the way up to 20K PS, all at once.

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Im pretty much against all safe spaces. But if this had to be implemented, i would set some kind of easily detectable pattern for the game to realize there’s griefing happening.

My suggestion would be to make it so that if one person is killed by the same person 5 times in a row, without the victim doing damage to them (excluding ram damage so the griefer couldnt ram them and reset the counter), the victim player is given an option to boot the griefer. It would guarantee that you could only be griefed 4 times maximum.

But again, generally speaking, i think safe spaces are a bane and should be ousted. That being said, i do not find unwarranted bullying acceptable at all.

Like poony said though, usually a herd of people will hunt down the griefer pretty quickly. I use to love the adrenaline rush of stirring up a half dozen players in my double bubble wheeled build and seeing how long i could last before theyd kill me. Racking a dozen or more kills with 6 people hunting you full-timr is actually quite a rush. Im sure they werent particularly enjoying it, but you know…bedlam :man_shrugging:

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Bedlam is a sh1tshow for the most part, mostly for people who have “endgame” gear to go pretend they still have some skills by using a 15k+ PS metabuild to kill 6-10K PS builds if they fail at pvp or pve enough times

Yup it’s got it’s fair share of cancerous niche little groups doing the whole “we can shoot at absolutely anyone but if someone dares shoot back we’ll all start to repeatedly shoot the singular player” or “This one player did not allow us to repeatedly shoot him without shooting back like 2 weeks ago let’s get him” and the usual spamming artillery or rockets and SD-ing repeatedly, but the devs are never going to lift a single crusty finger about any of it.

Maybe at best add more invisible walls for no reason

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:thinking: My thoughts,

1.Remove Bedlam which opens up server space.
2. Increase the Awakening map occupancy to provide space for Bedlam & Awakening combined.
3. This will provide ample area for those whom wish to “Hang out” in a quiet area and still provide the awakening experience for those whom wish to do side missions. Also a place for the “Meta bullies” (loss for better words) to do what ever they desire. No PVP allowed, Only PVE.
4. Return casings back to awakening.


Yes, PLEASE DEVS!!! :pleading_face:


well, they called the mode bedlam yet you insist on misunderstanding what its supposed to be and then wonder why theyve never changed anything about it all this time.

its because they dont want it to be what you think you want it to be. lets get real, it would be stupid and boring without the possibility of carnage.


hm alright, ok, touché!

You forgot adding invisible walls in front of jump pad areas for no reason that were accessible since forever, and turning it into mixed heli mode by default

yeah those are details imo. the core of the mode is what i mean, its a free for all. thats also what makes it fun for the peacocks, they obviously crave the drama.

womp womp go cry to your gender studies prof about this

Thank you for adding nothing to this conversation.

I feel same happens in pvp.
Lances, radar, invis - avenger starter pack.
Not many do that though. But being prioritized among others comes close still.
Wouldn’t call that harassment. When there’s people - toxic things occur.

Yes please.

if you don’t like bedlam, go play another mode. Bedlam is the hangout spot and goof around spot, as well as a place to show off builds or art builds.

It is fine, although they should improve the map rotation and bring back/add more maps