There is a problem in bedlam, a new server is always opened, And there is a lack of players on the server pls Fixx it



I’m primarily a bedlam player, it’s basically the only reason i play this game. I build stuff, and I play Bedlam.
I’ve (more and more shamefully) spent well over $5000 USD on this game (oof). It’s not counting for much in total. But I’m really considering stopping. I don’t really mind the heli update, updates are good. But the focus should be on improving gameplay and fixing existing issues.

While you fix up bedlam again, fix the scoreboard to show all players, and fix up the gamemode so it feels less like a slapped on afterthought. This can come after you fix the server issues that are currently present.

I hope more people consider stopping paying until they fix up broken stuff, so the devs can see the negative impact of not maintaining the game properly. Games have died for less before.


People who spend money just to be good in bedlam :skull:


I spend most of my gameplay time in bedlam and for me it’s hard to even play the game without it :skull::skull:


fix bedlam !!


I spend money to avoid playing the other gamemodes, so I can build with the parts I want and play bedlam without wasting my life grinding :slight_smile:


Some people spend far more than that on a country club membership.


yes i hope they fix it. Its a part of crossout that i would miss really bad, but idk there were some rumors about players not wantin to join bedlam because of the helicopters, but i think this is not true. I hope this gets fixed soon


Bedlam is 50% of why I love the game, but it’ll be low priority since you don’t get any rewards for playing it.

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yeah the fact it is broken is really ruining my vibe and want to build in the game.

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There was no explanation from anywhere, I mean Devs or anything. I believe the game is over, And there will be a lack of players

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I’m glad that this games is slowly but surely going to the bigger hunting grounds.

Hey guys,
I made a petition to solve the issue and enhance bedlam, check it out !

==> Pétition · Fix Bedlam & Add A Server Browser ·


legit holy fuck 3 updates already for miniscule shit like lighting on the devs anal beads and no bedlam fix


I imagine bedlam is low priority since you don’t get anything for playing it, whereas missions/raids et. al. you do.

I don’t know if your browser server thing would be practical. Everyone would still want to be together in one big session. What some of us have been doing in the interim, is forming groups and going in that way, so at least 4 of us are in there, nuking the hell out of each other.