Behold the sky raiders! livestream with devs

I’ve always thought it was weird that Griffon doesn’t break the lock, but does prevent it.

a BP I will be around for this go around. I want all them Nomad parts. I want that garage. Iwant the duckie! I want to play them new maps! I want, I want, I want! Me, me me! Mine, mine, mine! Now, now, now!

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A guy in my Clan is also a big duck collector. He throws a big baby fit whenever we scrap our ducks for electronics.

I’m in it for that wallhack cab. Its instant must have for close quarter peekaboo fighting, and besides its 16 energy with a built in Doppler, except it has a mine detection radius up to 90 meters!!! Your team will never run into Kapkans again. 320 meters range of detection in cover is not as good as 440 meters for fused Doppler, but Doppler takes 1 energy, and weighs 450 kgs.

Besides all this, the wallhack is going to be revolutionary for Mandrake/Heather play.

The only thing though, this cab needs to be fused for +Power.


yo, i would too! these ducks are the virtual equivalent of actual gold. These are the real NFT’s. Even if you think all that stuff is a scam, and yes MOST of it is because people in general just don’t understand it all, I assure you, these ducks are gold.


They need to make a Duck Cabin, a decor cockpit that can hold 1 duck each for you guys. Then you can ride into battle with all your duck co pilots.


The more to it, was one cab that is only really useful in raids or CW, an autocannon that quite frankly is just a cheep Yong that is better side mounted, and flares which might as well be air only as guided missiles suck in ground to ground.

duck small


I meant a cabin that ducks could fit in, like the incubation pod for ducks. But this is even better.

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oooooohhhh, i see. I do like that idea. maybe a large piece of decor like the inflatable mammoth, something like a pod that could be attached anywhere.



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The Hippogriff might be a way to retain new players.
“No PvP skill? No worries! Tard’em has you covered - by uncovering your opponents!” And, as they said in the Russian stream: “legal wallhack.” :upside_down_face:

The Starfall could be a big hit in raids. Because you still score a hit if you miss. We’ll have to see about the effective damage output. But I don’t like it how effective ACs are in raids. Had to switch from an incinerator car to a heather car, so as not to lose points and resources to them (both with a Catalina).

The Dove will definitely be useful in raids. In the reddit teaser it fired upward, from a ground vehicle. And the fire rate is nice.

The addition of performance parameters for helicopters is interesting. I want to be able to tweak it, e.g., by upgrading the rotors or using different engines, e.g., for more speed and accelleration.

I hope the wings are pass-through.

That’s chief developer Alex. He can be cranky at times, but Yuri has a secret way of calming him down.

OK, multiple quotes can’t be pasted…

Too bad the duck is untradeable. So if you want it, you have to pay. But even if you pay, you only get one. :neutral_face: They managed to break a duck in order to promote Battle Pass sales.

The Griffon’s perk seems like it should counter anything that locks on, including drones and turrets.

BTW, did you notice they placed my helicarriers in one of the battle maps?

2023.10.10 038a
They added more detail, so I don’t really mind the toned-down colors.


Suddenly a lot of things about this game make more sense


Are you assuming all pyres are shot in a single shot? I am still sad they took a button away for a permanent scope I never use.

The builds I use it needs to be binned to one button so I got no other choice to fire them all in a single shot. I use controller and I got the caucus binned to L1 or R1 and that leaves one viable button. Then I got argus binned to x and chameleon binned to the d pad and I’m sure those flares will have to be binned to something as well. That don’t even include the trombone which also needs a binding.

Yeah sense learned that, and after learning he just did a full russian stream and had to repeat the whole thing in a language he isn’t the best at I understand his cranky.

Alex and Yuri…

Probably no balance changes, and the starfall is going to be an absolute pain in the anus, on top of autocannons, miniguns and machine guns already being quite op and abundant, now they bring in an autocannon that does not even need to hit the enemy properly to deal damage, bloating the dps weaponry overperformance issue even further. Now on top of cyclones, stillwinds, millers, arbiters and nothungs you get to add an autocannon that does not need super accurate hits to the mix and this scat show just elevates to a whole new level of bs

Not to mention you only get 1 of each item and have to use lighters(bearings) of which you get a maximum of 1300 if you buy the pass, to most likely getting another dove and starfall

No the more to it is said to be announced on Friday they said…

Apparently judging by the devs in the stream the ducks are coming down the line, possible event/brawl?
I do enjoy new maps and these seem cool, but also, updating old maps with damage mechanics like the bridge map or a feature like the tower that falls down in that one map

Sound quackers to me!

Doesn’t surprise me a Russian game team would make cheats legal, they do that a lot in World of Tanks another Russian team game

Saltine crackers delivery truck cabin with a duck inside wearing a delivery hat, cabin name: Salty Quacker!