Behold the sky raiders! livestream with devs


The new season “Sky Raiders” goes live this week! And it means this is the time for livestream! Aleks and LittleSam will show you some new features during livestream on our YouTube and Twitch channels!

See you tomorrow, October, 10 at 13-00 UTC


Also looks like this forum been updated (cosmetically)

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I hope this battle pass won’t be the helicopter blade equivalent to the battle pass that introduced range building, and then just a few actual in-game parts all together

Yup, after watching the stream it does look like it’s basically just a helicopter pass, most of the new parts are just various rarity helicopter blades and we get 1 new cab, 2 new gun and 1 new whatever the missile distracting device counts as, either a “weapon” like enlightenment or a module.

Just like the battlepass for range building was way too range building oriented, this one seems like it’s way too helicopter gameplay oriented.

All excitement has gone down the drain for me

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I’m excited to see helicopters becoming a permanent part of the game.
I suspect I will still mostly play ground builds, but I am looking forward to playing against them in mixed battles. I doubt I’ll ever play pure ground battles again, unless the queue time is significantly better.

It’s going to make tactics more similar to modern warfare, where air superiority will be important, but only feasible with good defensive tools.


After watching this, the guy with the flight helmet is an well bad person, fobbing off our complaints and questions and ignoring the person trying to help them to the point of actively doing the opposite.

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I am expecting to play (mostly) helicopter for a couple weeks to a month, then probably just have one or two of my favs mixed with my fav ground blueprints.


New big maps look good. Will be nice to drive fast cars on them too.

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Was kind of disappointed they won’t let you build in the new garage.

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Biggest change on the forum is that poony4u is now a different color. Don’t know if he did that himself or came automatically with the forum update.

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This update seems cool. I brushed it off at first but seems really promising. Worst part now is that my old pyre chopper is gonna be next to useless but ill figure something out.

Pyres will still be good. Or at least I hope so. I have 13 of them to unload.

I hope so too but I got my doubts considering you get 2 of those flares with no energy cost.

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Came with the forum change!
I kind of miss the brown, but purple is fine.
I might actually change to a proper avatar. A forum member sent me some AI things generated by my name, and some were pretty good.


Maybe. The Flares have a long reload though.

Purple is alladin’s trade mark color. Anyways that’s what I got done with my avatar which would be a good idea as well. All I did to get my avatar was type in seals driving tanks on that discord ai generator thing. You can get some real pretty goofy pictures out it lol.

I dunno, there is enough counters as it stands. You got argus module plus chameleon to counter it so combine that with 2 of these flare things then pyres is gonna be the most useless weapon in this mode but we have to wait and find out.

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You’re probably right. Also, Pyres can’t lock on to the Griffon when it is using the perk.


Same, even a little patch would’ve been good in my opinion

They sure do and more destructible stuff is always good

They said in the very same livestream there’s gonna more to it

I think he was getting on Sam nerves here and there too :joy:

It came automatic with the forum update

I don’t think so judging from them testing in the livestream

Cool new duck…and new maps!

Just changing the stats on the rotors to make it them a different rarity is cheesy. There were several different styles showcased in the announcement, and I think they should have used one of those models for the different rarity.

I do like the mini rotors, and I’m glad they aren’t copy-jobs, like the other two are…that crap is lame.

The flares are good news, and I like the paints and decor, but IDK about the wall-hack cab, and IDGAF about the new gun (as usual).

The new garage will be nice, but another new currency seems ridiculous, but whatever.

Not a bad value for $9.99. I was hoping for a new garage, but was afraid it would be a part of an overpriced pack, so I’m glad it comes with the pass.

Hijacking the Ravens logo for this BP is also a bit cheesy too…did Igor leave Targem? While I like the paints and the avatars and stickers, etc, the artwork for this Battle Pass isn’t as innovative as in the past, IMO, so I was wondering.

I’m in it for the duck.