Being accused of using third party software

i have been playing this game for more than 2 years now today i got whispered that aparently im using aimbot what actions can i take agains such toxic players and how do i go about it reporting such players. been using reapersx2 and yau drones alot and aparently im hacking by just casually aiming my mouse on low sensitivity
i want to report the play got pictures of his account and also the stuff he said

Just take the compliment


bro if hes doing it to me how many others isnt he doing it to falsly accusing someone is bannable

Yeah in a perfect world sure… but i doubt anything will happen, just be the better person i guess

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yeah man i dont have time for people like that ingame ruins my fun

Being accused of cheating by salty players when you’re legit has to be one of the best feelings in video games…

  1. Turn the chat off. The game became beautiful once I did that.
  2. Ignore the buthurt kids.

Don’t turn the chat off wth it’s the funniest part of any online game :japanese_goblin:


About as funny as when you go into your back yard barefoot but step in dogsh*t right as you get on the lawn… Sure it’s hilarious, but it’s also annoying, especially when it happens daily.

This is why I don’t have dogs or kids :skull:


That’s exactly it…
If we compare stepping into sh1t in your back yard to the chat here, it would be all the neighbours’ kids shitt1ng in your yard…
You can either sh1t in theirs in return, encouraging a never ending cycle of sh1t… Or simply lock your yard gate and not let them get in.

Not if he’s just messaging it. And lots of times people think someone is cheating and report them to nods but where mistaken. They shouldn’t be banned for that. It happens. It’s when someone starts abusing the report system that they get penalized.

Calm down. This is no reason to want to get them banned. If they keep harrasing you over and over you can get them chat banned in game. Or just block them.

Whenever I get accused of cheating I try to correct the person but ultimately just give up and move on. It’s a compliment really. One that always sticks with me is the guy accusing me of using aim cheats on porcs. That one was funny af.

I once got accused of cheating while using Medians. That felt pretty good, as they are not an easy weapon to play.

Block them and move on.

They can be kinda funny. One time I got accused of being a cheater because I decloaked a guy with Machine Guns.


Are you complaining or showing off?
In first case - welcome to internet, has anyone yet thretened to penetrate you in ways you never imagined and told of unholy interactions with your mother? No? Than stop using the word “toxic”. XO is comparatively tame - you get maybe an insult or 2 a month - its nothing.

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I once got accused of cheating on my wife but I know that’s true lol