Being forced to the Slaughter

With the last update i get put in these slaughter game mode matches when im just trying to have normal games and grind my scrap.
People keep leaving these matches when they start, myself included.
Maybe make this slaughter mode into its own separate thing developers?, its clear some of your playerbase doesnt like it.


I just posted the same thing… :crazy_face:

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Yeah i guess people dont like this change, and i am one of them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I haven’t been on yet but I just assumed the slaughter mode as another temp brawl, not that it was incorporated into normal missions/brawls, that’s just silly and probably done so the player base would be “forced” into playing it!? :thinking:


I feel like this is probably a glitch, and is meant to be a separate brawl.

Who the Blank did this??? I have to agree with everybody. This is pure BS. All I wanted was some Scrap, Wires, Batteries…BUT NOooooooooooo… I don’t care if I get punished if I quit… I leave everymatch…

And on another Note… I Do not want to see who has the most points in a Raid… Play and do your best… Not to see who has the most points…


That’s not so tragic, but how can I get rid of the leadersign in the minimap?

Your issue does not look related to the topic of this post, have you tried reverting your interface settings to default? you can contact the support for help with your problem or create your own topic on the forum on this.

thx, I will

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you forget, this is apparently a bumper measuring contest to the over achievers and show offs out there who love to gloat about their scores in a videogame like its their only lifes goal. i wouldnt worry to much about it lol.

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I think you have a point… I stand corrected

Well then… if you put it like that…

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Dont bend over so easily :dizzy_face:

hmm guess I will have to log on.

Edit: Ok.

There have been people that asked for this game mode before. Some will like it some won’t.

Since it is a new mode, it should change how people build, in case they get that mode. Might add variety for awhile.

The people who asked for this gamemode have their fire and w buttons stuck.
slaughter mode is not about strategy, having to fight a tank guy for a minute and finally killing him only to have him respawn 10 seconds later and having them troll you with horn honking while your own car is damaged from the fight is not my idea of fun.
Slaughter mode removes all sense of achievement from the game if you ask me, what is the point of building a perfect pvp car when all your enemies have unlimited lives and we are forced to keep fighting until the time runs out, both sides with get the same rewards at the end of the match so tell me what is the point?


There will be less variety, we all know it just encourages suicidal build styles and plays


Totally agree

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Might it be a game mode that favors heavy cabins? I only got one game of it so far.

Doesn’t seem so. You just have to deal the highest damage you can and watch for enemy respawns. That helped me win.

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Con: There is no objective. So stupid. How can you force the enemy to come into your traps if there are no capture points? Place any area control weapons like Turrets or Fire puddles and they just drive away. How can you force the enemy to be where you want them to be? You cannot! Just stupid!

Pro: 3-minute timer!
Pro: You can force them to come to the artillery, got 3 kills defending there!

Played it a few more times. Won some. Lost some. Not my favorite game mode, but I don’t dislike it.

I just play my regular builds after all.

I do like the very quick games at the higher PS (14.6k).