Beldam SD

There should be an SD spam preventer, and/or a respawn timer in bedlam. Ideally the respawn timer is a spam preventer, that grows longer and longer the more sd you spam, but there is no reason why bedlam could not have the same delayed respawn that other repeated spawn modes have like slaughter etc.

Let’s face it it’s nothing but sd spam, at least on the pc

It’s Bedlam. When someone bonks my pretty car I SD. No problem here.

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Bedlam is a no holds barred free for all “PvP” battle.

Just because some people can’t read the mode description and decided they want to hold hands does not mean they should mess up the mode for people that use it correctly.

I think people that don’t battle should be on a timer to be kicked from the mode.

There is a line between actual battles and spawning in shooting at anyone close to you and sding at the same time, not even moving at all just cycling through the spawning points at a rapid pace, spending 1-2 seconds being actually alive and mostly just spamming homing missiles, scorps or drakes and heathers, or any weapon really, while shooting at anyone present while being completely immune to getting shot at, no possibility for anyone to really counter or “battle” because you’re popping in and out of 1 second existence

Unless that counts as battling for you.

Besides there is an idle timer already, you get kicked out if you don’t do anything in bedlam

Your right, and Bedlam should be complete chaos with everyone spawning in shooting.

Everyone should be running around on fire and guns a blaze.

On second thought something should be done and we should make a change.

Let’s kick all the non-fighting people that are trying to turn a free for all PvP battle mode into a chat room.

Let’s say: for ever 30 seconds you don’t deal damage you get a point on a kick counter. Then we you hit 5 points your removed from the mode?

Only if they also add a respawn timer, repeatedly spamming sd also builds up the kick counter by 1 and makes the respawn take longer, +10 seconds every repeated sd without actually doing anything, so people actually fight rather than le epic troll xd

reading all this…what if…they just put a “Brawl” into the rotation where no one can damage anyone. All the normal things still happen, just no one takes damage, no one loses parts. Call it… “Cars and Coffee” and it only happens once a week.

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A respawn timer does seem fair :slight_smile:

Bedlam description: “No rules and no rewards”. Sounds like you can do whatever you want, any way you wanna do it, even if you wanna do nothing. Some people can’t handle unregulated situations. Probably a socio-political thing.

I think you guys need to experience what he’s talking about.

I get it that it’s a no-rules thing, but this is seriously obnoxious behavior. I rarely do Bedlam, but when I do or my kids do and there’s someone doing this, you pretty much have to just bail on the whole thing.

I only play Bedlam once every month or two.

And when I do, I want to play it as advertised with no rules.

I go in with a ultra high PS Bigram quad porc hadron king build and just wreck all the little bedlam kids over and over and over and over, until I’m bored of it.

So I know exactly what they are talking about and I enjoy it a lot.

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I bet you do lol, this personifies you perfectly

But, that’s not what he’s talking about… I do what you’re talking about from time to time as well.

please expand on what your saying…i don’t get what the problem is if you go into bedlam and free roam or shoot some people…what’s (SD) …
their any many ( instances ) in the game to bring you to many different people playing it,
i don’t get what the problem is… :thinking:


What the guys do is spawn, launch whatever OP weapon they have at whoever they can find & instantly SD. They then immediately log back in & do it again. Over & over… so you can’t return fire. So, no matter what you’re doing in Bedlam, you have this @sshat showing up, draking people or whatever, then disappearing.

I’m not saying it’s the biggest problem in the game, but it’s among the most douchery of douchey behaviors. :melting_face: :rofl:

Why do you even bother with it? You can have “bedlam” in missions and/or other brawls.

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Agreed… I rarely ever go there. One of my kids loves it, though. :man_shrugging:

He DLs something from the exhibition, then goes tooling around in Bedlam. He’ll do that for hours.