Besr return on investment parts from current BP

What do you think is going to make the highest ROI (return on investment) for the current main BP items.

Options are:


I personally think itll be the Runes. They are needed for booster and invis, you arguably want more than 1. Anyone whos got the BP yeti and finwhale will never need those, but even those people might need 3 Runes to fuse to complete thier builds.

Close second will be a tie between Finwhale and Yeti. Top end gear entrenched in the meta, likely made in extremely small quantities compared to future demand. The Pegasus has basically doubled in price and it wasnt even a mandatory part for most meta builds. The yeti and finwhale make certain builds, so i could see them settling in between double and omamori prices.

The weapons? I dont see them making a jump in price much at all. Theyre not meta, there’s not even a good niche for them imo.

Currently i have 3 yeti, 2 finwhale and 18 runes im holding onto with enough capital to get 2 more legendaries or 6 more runes. Minimum hold time for me is gonna be 50% ROI. As this has most of all of my coin tied up, im hoping in 2 months that my target 50% profit will be in play. If it is, im finally gonna get me some Helicons :+1:


I held two Pegasus from that pass for about 6K worth of stuff each, in July of 2023 until mid January 2023 when I sold them for 8K ish. Factor in the market loss form sale, and I probably only made 2,400 coins off the deal.

This was a part that I really believed in the potential of that never materialized into a high price.

Another market miss for me was Interceptors. I bought about a dozen of these based on them being an excellent part and the price never materialized.

For these reasons, I am wary of investing in parts that you only need one of for your build.

My biggest hits in investments have been saving up batteries and selling them for triple price during fusion events (This isn’t a good strategy any more), and selling items that only I have access to from old crafting recipes grandfathered in, such as the Hermit, the Beholder, the Nova, and the Omni. This isn’t really a good strategy any more either.

My most recent hit was Buggy Wheels. I bought about 40 Buggy Wheel steering at 200 coins and I fused as many as I wanted and sold as many as I wanted at 500 coins. If I had it together, I could have bought 100 of them.

I believe in investing in purple components that are necessary for the mini passes as the ultimate investment these days. Millers, Arguments, Huginns, Sleipnirs and like items have the biggest profit margins, either through selling the item, or crafting the must have legendary in the mini pass for cheap.

The items that are part of a relic crafting recipe go for the most money.

If I had saved two Omamoris when they came out in February, innstead of selling them for 8K, I would have doubled my coin.

Currently, I’m in on Odin. I have crafted 1 Odin, and I have 2 Stillwinds and 3 Thors to craft or sell. Currently, Odin is 40K on Xbox, the price of a mid tier legendary.

If Odin materials are offered every 4 months, Odin peak price is going to be in 3 months. This is especially true because Odin fusion event is here so its going to take a lot of generators off the market.

I’m hoping to sell two Odins for 55,000 coins and get a new set of relics, probably Rippers.

That’s the attitude!