Best and least Best changes of 2022

Best: Ability to change factions to craft items from multiple factions. Yay no more 24 hour blues… they actually take 15 minutes now. Makes sense.

least Best: Forced Control Changes on console. The same effort could have been made to allow them to be freely assigned, including choosing a “no scope assigned” option to free up the 5th weapon grouping again.


I didn’t expect this to be such a hard question, but I’m struggling to answer it. I know a lot has “improved,” but I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. Not at all. I’ve struggled all year to get into it, and probably played more in any given month of 2021 than I did in all of 2022. If it weren’t for the copters, I probably wouldn’t be playing at all, and I’m about done with that too. I wish I could get into it, but I can’t seem to get it together anymore.

Best: Choppers, Comics, graphic models.

Least Best: Crosscrowns, co-drivers, engine stats, cabin speed nerfs, and turret rotation speed nerf.

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Best… Might have up dog pile with you and go with the faction changing.

The motion blur. I actually really liked that and all the visual upgrades with 2.0. The game is much prettier. Lighting looks great.

Least fave has to be with the changes to the controls & camera trying to nerf sideways builds. I still have sideways builds, but never have situational awareness like I did before.

Without peripheral vision,you have to have the camera further back to compensate. Until the game is VR…


Best: faction change reduced
Worst: *2.0 (graphically it looks better but the saturation is mismatched with the Madmax theme and every balance change they made was terrible)
*engine changes (there wasn’t anything wrong with the perks they had not they very from the same to useless)
*Market nerf (cant remember if this was this year or last but they didn’t like that you could make Coin on the old system because it costs them money)


Best: What supercharged did to Hovers, Augers and Omniwheels
Worst: What Supercharged did to Wheels

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