Best garage and best carhorn


Which garage you prefer to be in?

And what kind of beep you like to weld on your armored vehicle?

I like the garage-depot/trainyard (I don’t have it though) and a Shaolin honker.

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original engineers and D-minor.

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Syndicate and Vuvuzela, obviously.

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The Shaolin honker is a unique option that may be well-suited for a specific type of vehicle or individual taste. Ultimately, the choice of horn should be in compliance with any relevant laws and regulations.

Thanks for the information.

News eng. garage and titanic horn… :sleepy: i sold it… sigh

That is a big mistake. Never sell any horns and hubcaps in this game!

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For me this is bad advise.

I can only use 1 horn and 1 hubcap at a time.

Best IMO

BEST HORN: Cucaracha

BEST HUBCAP: Closed Circle

BEST GARAGE: Copperhead Stadium (Syndicate is my second)

After you have those 3, you have no need to get any more, you have won the horn/hubcap/garage game.

At this point you can drop the mic and sell the rest that you own.

Syndicate, only when you set it to be permanently nighttime so you get the music and light show from the top of the parking building.

Best horn is D-Minor.

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4 Horsemen and Express

horns?..‘why so serious’ of course :crazy_face:

but does this work still? let us know…

potemkin and titanic are the best horns
Haven’t really paid enough attention to garages to offer an opinion

Well, you don’t need horn for kill enemy… but it’s nice to use, titanic is strong and you can use like shilds,
hubcaps can’t be sold, its CK and you can’t trade it, at least in xbox.

Syndicate has the best garage. The fart horn is king.

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Some hubcaps can be sold, we have the same market.

Closed Circle is all you need, it’s on the market.

The best garage, horns and hubcaps are the ones you get for free, because they’re free UwU


The fart horn is king

I’m sad it wasn’t available during the April fools event.

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I used that for a while with the sirens… so much so I annoyed myself. LOL

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I like the farm. I’m part hill billy, and I couldn’t bear to part with it. Even though I think some of the other garages are pretty cool too, the farm is where I would choose to be anyway (they should offer an expansion). I also like the EXmachina (Hard Truck Apocalypse) horn the Icebox has. I love the gamer nostalgia that one sports.

They gave a train horn away that I like pretty good too. Some of the best stuff in this game is free.

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This is all false. The Fart Horn is too quiet and needs a sound buff. The Fart Horn is so quiet that you aren’t sure that your opponent even heard it when you honked it. I don’t like unclutch and finicky modules on my car. The Fart horn is one such. Also, farting at an opponent does not send a clear message. Are you joking with them? Talking trash? Saying you like farts? Its not clear. Neither is the Fart horn. Fart horn is all right for dorking around in Bedlam but it has too many question marks for general use. It is a B-tier horn if we are being charitable.

The Vuvuzela horn is loud and the message is clear:


There can be no doubt what the king of the horns is. The one that sends the loud clear and perfect message.
Vuvuzela is king of hornville. The Fart horn is maybe a court jester or a village fool that you throw tomatoes at.

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