Best omni-wheel setup?

I know different movement parts have different best setups. What is the best way to use omnis at top PSs (on medium cabs)? Which alignment works best for continued control even after losing a few wheels?

I have never used them but would like to try some builds out using them instead of legs.

Thanks in advance

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Ah yes, omnis, my favorite movement part. There’s lots of ways to build with omnis depending on the cabin and weapons you use. One constant factor should always be a wide base with a low center of gravity(heavy modules and generators as low as possible). I recommend at least 8 blocks of space between each mounted wheel side to side. You can probably get away with six blocks of space but depending on your set up it could be a tip over risk.

Medium cabins and light cabins are the best omni wheel cabs. If your using a light cabin most builds are probably better off with thel golden eagle engine(the same goes for the very light MEd cabins). Anything heavier than the lighter medium cabs requires a tonnage engine, otherwise you require too many wheels and you move too slowly in terms of excelleration. If you need more than six omnis on a build your losing significant performance and you won’t move so well. For example Hadron and a tonnage engine needs six wheels. That’s just enough. You can use echo and ermak on omnis with a tonnage engine but your kind of pushing the limits of omnis performance and you move a bit slow. Heavy cabs are not optimal. Power fusions are very good for omnis, so unless your echo or ermak has a power fusion I wouldn’t use them with omnis.

One Thing omnis does well is dealing with recoil. However this is only the case with sideways builds. Your recoil management is at least doubled on a sideways omni build in terms of shooting towards the front of your build.

Ps light and light MEd cabs also work very well with tonnage engines and four omnis. Tonnage and power buffs are an omnis best friend.

If your using a golden eagle I recommend you place it right in front of your cabin and between your frames with one block below the frames. It helps a great deal versus fire dogs and can mean the difference between beating them and losing to them.

Also sideways omnis are nice for canons. You can set your build up similar to Canon hovers.


Ok, not exactly what tyou’re asking about, but I have a clanmate who plays Omnis, and from what I saw their best asset are the INSANE grip. Unlike hovers and legs, you can perfectly push dogs around like they weight nothing, in every direction.
I can’t suggest a layout, but I’d say don’t try to cut down on the amount of movement parts to maximize accel. You’ll prob never get decent accel compared to hovers, but you can have more grip than STs.

edit: Basically I disagree with tenshi totally, slap 8 Omnis + Colossus minimum on that thing :eyes:

What is the impact to handling when you lose 1 or 2 wheels? I would think you would need 7 or 8 to hold up long enough at high PS matches

I like six wheel Omniwheel builds best, but four can be fun.
I agree that using more than six feels too slow.
I usually make my omni builds wider than my wheeled builds, as their insane grip can be a tipping hazard at high speed.
Golden Eagle is usually the engine I use with them, and I prefer using fast medium cabins.
I see a lot of people driving them like small tracks or wheels, but I personally treat them more like fast augers (using strafing more than steering, so that I can always face my target).
Enable reverse mode, but you probably already have if you’re playing legs.

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Really? Wow. Gl with that lol. You must think omnis are underpowered and crappy the way you play them.

U dony need that many to stand up in high ps. All I ever play is high p’s, and I main omnis. I never go above 6. And I do just fine.

You just have to armour them and place them right.

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While I agree with your tips, and I’ve seen you be very effective in battle with Omniwheel builds, I suspect a colossus/8 wheel build could work for some people. You’d have to play them differently, but would probably be a good fit for someone who mostly plays legs or augers.
Personally, I feel like their main advantages are speed and agility, so I’m always going to use as few wheels as possible.

If you read, you’d have noticed I do not play Omnis myself. But while the whole community was crying about Dracos, my 10 Omnis+Colossus mate was spinning them around like they had no grip, after being bit in the flank or butt…

Zipping around fast af is good for PvP, but not exactly reliable in CW.

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The best wheel setups I run all sacrifice a wheel or two for extra mobility as maneuverability is twice as good as durability. When I don’t need more than about 1500 dura 5 wheels suits me great and I have a very tangible acceleration advantage over everybody else, except for hermit players.
I keep a core of 3 wheels that are well guarded with my vehicles center of mass in between them and I keep 2 auxiliary wheels elsewhere as needed than can help stabilize me if I lose a core wheel.

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I’d have to agree with tenshi for the 6 wheels setup in PVP just by the fact that omnis have the highest ps for their size at 380 each so you have to take that into account when building with them, ive used builds that only had four before and actually got surprised at the end result PS. They also sit right between small and hardened tracks dura wise(at 360), so I think 6 is a good number for them.

Idk how they fair in CW, but Id imagine more vitality/wheels for a higher PS is worth more than without with a lower PS in there.

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I have an omni thresher harpy for pve build that is kind of fun. On the pc exhibition you can find it listed as: Hamresh Wagon M8… 11.9k ps cap. It’s an easy to gut rig. I use 6 omni wheels 4 of them upgraded.

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Even on a medium cabin like Hadron, with omnis I’m able to pull back against say those cohort King builds and keep myself out of mines. More wheels does not mean you push better. More wheels doesn’t mean more grip. Your just losing power, and thus the more wheels you have the less you can resist, because… Power.

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Omnis are the same in PvP as in cw. You don’t want too many.

It’s okay tenshi stop having a seizure because someone somewhere doesn’t play Omnis like you, we all know and agree everything you do is optimal and the best way to play the game. I’m sure OP put your reccs on top of his list, knowing that you’re the best XO player and smartest builder across all platfoms. Take a deep breath.

Grip is very dependent on the amount of movement parts you have. And having insane grip + power is a great asset against silly CW melee teams. Dracos are a lot less threatening when they’re pointing at nothing.

You don’t play omnis. You said it yourself. Yet your arguing on a topic you have no actual insight to, and mocking the advice of a person who plays them constantly every day. Like… Your a piece of work dude… Damn…

So what happens when u lose 1 or 2? Both from front or from same side? Can you still reasonably manage movement?

For me, it seems to depend on how the car starts dragging on the ground as you lose wheels. Sometimes I’ll be able to maintain control by driving sideways or backwards, even when down to only two wheels. But sometimes a corner of my build might start dragging and spinning me when I’ve still got three wheels.

More wheels does equal to more grip cause more contact surface area though, it just spreads the power between 8 instead of 6, like in your example you probably would hold better agaisnt draggers with 8 but not have as much power to pull the other way around or to escape. This is just basic engineering, not sure if it equals exactly like that with them ingame, but Id imagine they do to some extent. With 8 youd have more grip but not as much power and 6 less grip but more power.

Maybe what you mean is that the grip advantage of 8 aint big enough to counter balance the extra power youd get with 6? If so then ja I’d probably agree with that.

I still think 6 is best though cause omnis already have amongst the best grip, good dura etc.

Honestly, I don’t recall losing omni wheels that often and I ran 4 and they werent covered with armor on the sides. But when it does happen their low ride height and stiff suspension doesnt impair the driving too much with missing wheels.
I’d say maybe the odd terrain bump or glitchy container floor can hinder movement in that situation but thats like any low ride car ingame.