Best way to capture gameplay?

How do you all do it?

I think my vid card has its own service to do so in the graphics settings but i havnt played with it.

Trying to balance performance with decent capture…just for fun ya know.

There’s multiple ways of doing it…

I’ll tell you a good archive method. Mirror an out HDMI out put on your card and direct that to the input of a dvd cutter ie. like you would a show on tv. Record to the dvd… You can do multiple sessions per disks. You can then load your footage from the disk.

You can broadcast and mix in audio live…

There’s lots of options. What kind of gear do you have?

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I don’t have any gear to help right now. Was just checking out the options to see what most do here. No real plans just curious.

Recording direct to hard drive is the other option. Or direct to streaming host.

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This is what a lot of the streamers use:

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If you do direct to disk a DVD DL will hold about 240min video. You can always image the disk the later if you want to store it digitally. Then open it up later with something like daemon tools lite as a mounted image.

why would you record gameplay on a dvd in 2022? obs is fine, easier is the nvidia overlay if you have an nvidia card. the latter has very little impact on fps. amd might have something similar.

It doesn’t rob any computer power while doing it and it doesn’t take up any space on your hard drive. (Not that 6TB drives are that expensive these days) Those would be the two main ones. Beyond that is backups and how much space those video files end up taking up.

Direct to disk also works really simply for xbox and playstation too.