Best week this year

im happy to get 2 free car packs this week, thank you :beers: :beers:

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What’s the other one??

I just got the 9th birthday pack…

the pickup truck was the first nd lastnight got a rat rod build

1st was siren of the wasteland and lastnight was the gamer

They’re giving away 3 to platforms that PC already has.

the 1 thing i would love is the air raid siren

That was disappointing for the new 9th birthday pack.

It’s called “Siren of the Wasteland”. Give it a siren.


It is kind of surprising they don’t have more sirens.

Oh yeah, that will be fun playing with 8 sirens going off non-stop.

There’s a setting in sound to turn other peoples horns off.

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The siren takes a second to get to full volume. It’s one of these:
Air raid siren (