Better Camera Boost & Control in Vehicle Build Mode

Adds 3 New Controls

following info will be given in the format of:

[Key Bind Name]
[default keyboard key bind | controller key bind]; (what it does)

[Disable Precision mode]
Control hold | LT hold; does NOT slow the camera down when items are selected;

[Camera Boost]
Z toggle | unbound; Speeds up camera, and keeps it at the same speed even when items are selected;

[Phase Camera]
X toggle | RT hold; in this state the camera can not select items or interact with the build, but can phase though parts. So when making big builds or levis you dont have to go all the way around.

YOU CAN EXIT THE MODE WHILE INSIDE A PART! WILL COME IN HANDY AS A FEATURE, as it’ll allow players to get to a part that’s behind layers of armor, ie: hidden ammo pack.

additional QoL: when the Phase Camera activates, it deselects the current item but is kept in memory, for when you exit the mode the same part will be re-selected automatically.

I would just love to be able to set a part on the floor while using ‘Orbital camera’.