Between two fires

you know… the funny thing is… i actually made a photon and now they are offering one up for exchange in here thats fused… oh the irony :rofl:

but holy crap guys you can get a thor generator from the PAID FOR battle pass and exchange it for a free fused weapon.
draco, retcher, mammoth, fortune, arbiter, apollo, toadfish and cyclone.

now alot of these weapons are useless to me but the fortune, toadfish and possibly cyclone, even the retcher are looking good to me.

i might keep the 2 guns though because then il have a set of 3. 1 fused and 2 unfused. the cabins i will decide what to do with those.

any thoughts?

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Bro stop calling shit free, people like that are part of the damn problem
It’s literally $10 plus near 30 days on constantly coming on the game to play and do challenges, you’re paying 1 month of your time and $10 for a fused legendary, if you don’t mess up and have to pay extra for levels


jesus calm down. i meant “free” as in yes you get the battle pass and you get the generator that you can exchange for free for a fused weapon. i know the battle pass is not free and it costs money. probably shouldve worded it better but theres no need to be so aggressive with me.

there ya happy?

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Yeah the transaction has no cost so is “free” as it should be… weird thing to be so happy about

hey im happy to be able to exchange a single legendary for a fused one. its not every day that you see that kind of offer. plus im happy cause its a nice little weapon in my arsenal that i can break out whenever i want. i mean its something to be a little happy about isnt it?

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No and I hate how dumb our community are

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It’s the same price as a regular BP, but it has less content.

I hate mini BPs.

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I missed something. I read the news release twice, and looked in the crafting section, but I don’t see where it says that you can exchange a thor for a fused weapon…?

Most of the recipes call for a single Thor. It’s a little odd, I think, but whatever.

Is this the official “Bitch About the Battle Pass” thread? Because, I have some complaints too, but I didn’t really feel it too necessary to share them, and was seeing how long I can remain positive.

Mostly IDGAF about this mini-pass or the primary Battle Pass either. Their clumsy monetization schemes do have me a a bit concerned, but I sometimes wonder, what would be an acceptable way that they could monetize this game that the community wouldn’t loose their schit over?

I know what’s acceptable to my wallet and entertainment allowance, and as long as I can have fun playing, I’ll keep putting quarters in the slot.

If they made it more fun and reliably entertaining, I would likely spend more than the chump-change I spend on it presently. I feel like they’ve missed some opportunities there, simply because this game can be unpredictably miserable AF.

They need to inject this game with some actual fun. I promise I’ll buy their crap if they do, but I’m not keen to go along with predatory marketing…which is largely why I shun the higher power-scores. I don’t want to get caught up in P2W dragon chasing, but I’m still happy to pay for my entertainment. It needs to entertain me, though.


That sums up my feelings regarding the game pretty well.


its in the crafting table in the event.

Yup but I’m afraid the devs got stuck in a habit of big BP lil’ BP, lil’ BP, Big BP etc
I find this game was more fun 2 or 3 years ago even though it had a lot less stuff to hoard, though the flying being added made it a bit more fun, but I’m kinda over the oversaturation of BP’s now, wouldn’t hurt if they added new stuff that wasn’t tied to BP’s maybe free events or just plain adding it to the basic leveling system as it needs more parts added to it but they choose to add pack structure parts to the exchange for badges instead onto the fraction leveling up system


I feel the same way regarding most of the points you made, but since they are hell bent on this BP system, I’m hoping they just get better at it. As the developers themselves get adjusted to the new methods, maybe they’ll improve, have more style and flavor.

I had a lot more to say about this topic, but MudnBeer thinks I’m a windbag (probably true) so I’ll just trim it down to that…I’ll just go play the damn game.

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Agreed, We need free content sometimes too. Add more fun back into the game. Adventure mode is useless pretty much now and a waist of time. Rework that for one. Add crossplay to get more players into the mix, Add lots of building parts into leveling system that is free with out using engineer badges.
Maybe other type of frame pieces.

Dev’s need to learn that a game is suppose to make people have fun playing them. I feel many companies is all about the money now and not about the enjoyment factor. Games suppose to be fun. Guess I can bring out the old nintendo or PS2,
Also miss the old Blockbuster days. Now to watch anything you have to pay for streaming this and that.


Don’t worry I can trumpet a tirade too! :rofl:

Though I have enjoyed the new maps they put into the game but wish they would permanently add old maps that aren’t in regular circulation like the old chase map and the new one they did and other event-only maps, It’s kinda a waste of time, and resources to make maps that are used once in a blue moon

I agree with that but as it doesn’t bring in revenue or linear enough they can make it a grind feast I think it’s an abandoned feature the devs just leave in cause it keeps some people in-game longer and maybe they can’t be bothered removing it

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awe,i was just joking because ‘we all love a Wall of text’ :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

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