Bfs perk

I am trying to synergise the Bfs perk with the cheetah.
In the description it says it will reduce up to 50% the distance needed to charge the perk (cheetah in this case) and this percentage will decrease by how many different movement parts are present.

I did test with only BFs and cheetah’s perk charge faster (± each 50 m )
but the build in question has 8 wheels… and, at least, at “naked eye” i’m not noticing a difference between having two different wheels and four different wheels.
does anyone knows said values?

thank you

Do you have any other wheels or movement parts in there?

6 bfs + 2 hermits

Then you get less benefit. They don’t give the specifics but less then all bg’s give you less a share of it. The only movement parts that gives us an idea of how much it might decrease is the sabbath wheels which states proportionally.