*Big races brawl..would it be more fun if....🤔

what if we had all the same weps?..

what wep would be fun?

skinner ?
those saw blades that trip you up,‘i tried to find the name of that’‘fail’':crazy_face:



Race needs something.

I would love a death race with weapons :slight_smile:


I could see the devs doing that, after all they’ve ripped of other IPs before

hmm. i dont really do these, maybe I should

I would at least try it. Most of them I just read the descrip and never tried. Edit: I mean race.


Well, to be fair, the entire theme of the game was originally Mad Max, but since no one made a decent Mad Max game, this is it. And yes, I have the Mad Max game. Never bothered finishing it.

Is it that :poop: :poop: :poop: of a game huh?

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No no… it’s not bad. It’s just not that unique. Typical shoot/punch the enemies, find the things you need to do the things, solve the stupid puzzle, drive the car here, drive the car there… yawn.

Almost every game I have played over the last 20 years have been a version of Tomb Raider, Doom, or Metal Gear Solid… not that those were the originals, just themes that are repeated ad nauseum.

Oh, and Battlefield/PUBG etc… yawn… Nothing incredibly unique about any of them. They bore me quickly.

That’s more about ME than it is those games, though.

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Was it the normal 79.99$ as most games are, especially the same shizz but different name

I got it pretty cheap in a Steam sale. I forget how much.

I’m a huge Mad Max fan, and it wasn’t enough to hold my interests.

Again, though… That’s as much about my tastes in games as anything. It got pretty good reviews.

I actually find most games to be dull and boring after a short time playing.

I feel like that with rpg’s, to me most of them are spin-offs of Skyrim :rofl:
Still own it and play it