Big thank you ,devs

The game is going to be crossplay,i’m so happy.


Does this mean guys on PC will have to play against guys using aim-assist?



Yes thank you. Im glad. More skulls to put into my garage and polish and sometimes smash if im sick of looking at that one cause it looks at me funny with a blank look. Googly eyes help but kinda scary so i smash it aswell. Adding a wig sort of helps with style but it fell off during a wind storm and i asked him to pick it up but he just looks at me so smashed it. Finally sun glasses are added but looks too cool so i smash it. Maybe i should just stop i think i have a condition guys or i just like finding skulls in the wasteland to clean.

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Console aim assist? Lol. It’s basically useless. That’s a non factor. I dont use that garbage. It’s like a crutch if the crutch was half your height. It won’t do crap all.


Lower it with a hacksaw. Just put the rubber tip back on and start walkin

Yeah I’m super stoked about this. I may even dive back in to clan wars so I can put a hurtin on some pc players that think they are a master race of gamers and that consoles suck. It will be fun to say the least.

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Good. That’s my only concern. That and the reality that nobody plays this game and it appears they are starting to just accept that and roll with it, rather than address the issue directly.
It will be nice to have a larger pool for the matchmaker to work with, and I think this news is a pretty big deal. I look forward to seeing more of you guys out there.


I am so excited about crossplay! I think I can get some of my real world friends to try the game if we could actually play together.
Is it possible for longtime players to group up with new players that are still under level 30 engineers?


As long as aim-assist gets removed all will be fine and fair.
So, yes. I’m all for it, as long as they do indeed REMOVE aim-assist.

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wouldnt have believed this was going to happen, going to be interesting to see how it plays out. its already started in this thread and that discussion will die with the game.

console players without aimassist/mnk are going to suffer which is why aimassist wont be removed.

its going to be very hard to balance the aimassist just right. so that console players wont get wrecked but also dont have a neat little laser with 100% accuracy in close quarters.

the console players here are in agreement that he current aimassist is baerly noticeable, lets see if pc casuals like doc feel like they are getting lasered by console players.

the aim assist is always going to be too weak for some console players and too strong for some pc players.

maj i think it’s the first time i see you post. Don`t worry your crossout streaming career is not over, basically cause aim assist is a joke, and a very welcomed one.

i want aim assist on PC, because of lag i have to intentionally miss to hit anything with lag

Don’t you listen? Aim assist has no affect. It won’t make any difference. I don’t use aim assist. I clean up.

Console with no aim assist will fight against pc juuuust fine. Lots of no aim assist people littering diamond tier.

Your one of the people I’ll enjoy grinding in to the dirt.

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You have lag? You try turning down your anti aliasing vsync and particle density? Because that pretty much solves the issues of lag with this game…unless u have a crap internet connection.

Wait, really? I’m from russian region, so I obviously watched russian stream, but devs told us different information about crossplatforming. As they said, they working on crossplatform matches only between PS2 and XBOX players, and even so, players on such platforms even won’t have shared market (PS2 player can’t trade with XBOX player). Interesting, why info is so different.

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hehe, youre so aggressive. i want to see if you can play top 100 with anything but a dog.
i want to see where top console clans position.
also, do console players want aimassist off for crossplay?
anyways, it seems it might not even happen.

That was everyone’s guess, that they will only have crossplay between the consoles, although Sam didn’t say that explicitly. This is most probable given that the console versions have some things done differently than on PC (Analog steering, 50% lower drone and turret damage, etc.)

If they addressed these differences and made crossplay with PC too, I’d wager that console players would get matched with PC players in raids automatically, while PvP and Brawls would be optional and CW between consoles and PC would be impossible.

arent you listening? the console boys want everything mixed and aimassist off? :slight_smile: