Bigfoot steering and drivability issue

When steering with Bigfoot wheels you’ll notice the wheel actually stops in the middle or straight point for a split second. This causes significant lag in steering and overall loss of drivability. Other wheels probably have this effect as well but they are smaller so it’s difficult to detect.

This has been going on since the wheel update/nerf a while back.


Most people don’t tend to notice that kind of thing. They only use their wheels to navigate to Camp Squatinsnipe. Then they only move in reverse to evade the dog rush (it’ll work this time). That’s about the extent of many people’s reliance on wheels performance, so if they suck, they don’t know, and it wouldn’t really matter, as long as they can make it to their sniper’s nest. It’s not until you’re pushing the limits that you know what they are, or if they are under-performing somehow.

Omnidirectional movement has made wheels sort of irrelevant. Good luck getting any weight in the wheel lobby. Besides me and you, I don’t think anybody cares. Tracks seem to have shared a similar fate.

As a Racing wheel user I can say I’ve not actually noticed anything odd. I usually notice issues like the handbrake change, or speed/power issues…

I will say that general driving lag is very apparent in Crossout and always has been, perhaps this wheel bug is part of the issue I have with that but I can’t be sure.

And me.
I use wheels a lot and now i also use tracks.

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Yes, I’m aware of the issue with the Bigfoot wheels causing a noticeable lag in steering and overall loss of drivability. This has been a known issue since the wheel update/nerf a while back, and it’s something that the developers are aware of and working to fix.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the issue:

  • Use smaller wheels. Smaller wheels will have less of an impact on steering, so they may help to reduce the lag.
  • Avoid making sharp turns. Sharp turns are more likely to cause the lag, so try to make wider turns when possible.
  • Be patient. The lag is most noticeable when you first start driving, so it may take a few seconds for the steering to catch up.

I know this is not ideal, but it’s the best we can do until the developers fix the issue. I hope this helps!