Bigram bug?

I have noticed that my bigram spiders, when im on any kind of non-flat surface tend to “strafe” on their own…

Its small on smaller surfaces but when you try to climb a hill and leave all buttons while on angle, the spider starts strafing on its own to one side…And its usually strafing towards the upward side, im not confusing it with sliding down (vehicle remains steady and just strafes towards uphill).
Try it on your garage elevations.

This could be very much affecting controls while moving, since the game is full of small elevations and if there is such spontaneous uncontroled movement while traversing ,then its certaintly requesting the player putting extra efford on compensating for that…
And that makes controls unreasonably harder, plus probably explains a part of the clunckiness spider builds have at the moment.

I havent tested that with ml-200 but im pretty sure its part of the mechanic that they used to make hill traversing “Easier” so it should affect them aswell.

Anyone has any insight on that?

Thank you.