Billie: Co-Driver

Effect: Increases the damage inflicted and received by all weapons by 25%…

Does this co-driver actually have a negative effect on yourself? Is this perk really granting your enemy a 25% damage boost against you?

theres inconsistencies on other drivers to. on atitlan she gives 15% weapon ammo, but it doesnt say weather or not its effected by the ammo crates.
without her - 2096 reaper ammo (with ammo crates)
with her - 2155 reaper ammo (with ammo crates)
if i had 2000 ammo and she gives 15% more (counting ammo crates) id get an additional 300 ammo with that. idk whats goin on.
also i seen that perk to, i think its a “all or nothing” kind of perk, it gives you a 25% damage boost but at the same time itll cost you. basically a double edged sword.

I noticed that about Atitlan as well. My numbers don’t add up either.

But consider the problem with the Billie co-driver perk. If you receive 25% more damage from your enemy, they not only get your perk, but they also get the benefits of their own perk without sharing them with you!

Only your weapons receive more.

They also deal more.

That encourages you to not facehug and to learn to dodge.

theres no such thing in crossout.
Piccolo: DODGE!!!

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This seems fair to me. 25% is a lot. The negative effect evens it out.

i seen Caucasus users use billie the co…if that helps



LOL nice one xD

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If dogs catch you they already eat through you so quickly. Now they get this dammage buff which is a lot. That’s a lot. If it wasn’t a double edged sword then dogs would just become supreme overlord meta. So I think it’s fair.

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This reminds me of a buddy I lived with when I was in my early twenties. He sucker punched me in our apartment while I was watching tv with a group of people because he thought I stole something from him. Then proceeded to almost beat a guy to death with a wrench a month later after he got kicked out of the apartment. Dude went to jail for that one. I should have pressed charges. He would have went to jail before he almost killed a dude with a wrench.