Billionth thread about game issues

Hello targem, i once again ask for a favor, please do not put 15,000 PS gravastar dogs against 10k builds.

thank you many much


Here have another beer my friend :beers:

Dont worry about those Devs, they are on permanent vacation at tropical islands with all the money guys over the world keep sending them.

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Or perhaps Gajin is making it REALLY FUCKING HARD to do anything?

Targem isn’t indie, they can’t do what they’d like to.

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They have been so far and doesn’t looks like that will change.
Every dev have this huge disclaimer like “we reserve right to change anything anytime in the game” even though people pay for it. But to keep pvp playable they must, and also must make money to keep game running.
Time tells us that even if devs make perfect game and do nothing people will get bored and leave eventually anyway, so at least they shake this snowglobe trying to make do longer.
Adding new stuff and run game longer than 10 or more years is something very few ever pulled off, XO has that potential, but ye, devs are lunatics, it’s a shame they don’t love and don’t play their own game.

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