Blacklisted player can prevent you from playing

the player is blacklisted but can send you infinite group demand without any delay, blocking you from selecting starting any mode because the stupid game think you are ALREADY in group.
the second you deny the group demand, another demand pop on screen.
how to deal with that?
this game is worst and worst every single update they do…

No mater how good the game is, your never going to be able to remove trash people.

I know this is not the best solution, but maybe take a break for 10-15min.

I would say If they are still doing it after that then you won lol. You pissed someone off so much they are going to waste their own life.

Have a bite to eat, they can’t do it forever.

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try this maybe…

messages and invites…



I’ll start logging on at different times to play, instead of my usual time. Then, after about a week, I’ll get back to my regular time and the people seem to be gone.

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thank you Mudnbeer :smiley: i hope its going to works…

this situation is worst than expected, even while playing the game put me in group, turning me into green named dude, at the end of battle i can’t start another one because im in " ready " state lol
add this to the hovers madness, no balance of pvp , fps drop since minor update,… my guys i swear they are trying their best to clean their playerbase from some old unwanted f2p guys, giving room to new fools … idk ^^’


somehow they " won" their little game there… the punk that annoy me since today is also getting his price so deserved, im done playing.
this is not a relaxing way to spend time in crossout… not like it used to be for me.

I agree. People been doing this stuff to me too, trying to push me off XO for 3.5 years straight.

i found this too,but it doesn’t work i guess…
i clicked it and there is no notification of it being off or on… :thinking:


Record a video showing repeated invites, long enough to demonstrate an intent to prevent you from joining battles. Then file a report. I record with OBS. (Sometimes an update can result in a black screen, if the update hasn’t been registered with EasyCheat, so one time I had to revert to an earlier version.)
Recording battles has an added benefit of capturing trolls in action.

Supposedly, “adequate measures” were taken after the report.


Relaxing? No.
But it can be fun.

From where i came from we used to say don’t feed the troll.
Find a way to troll the troll.

we already crossed paths here and there , right?
PC, right?

Don’t sweat it :wink:

bring a bunch of turrets, he chases you down, he gets stuck on the turrets, you get away ,he gets annoyed

nah, i mean these guys spend time trying to find a way to piss off people ( figure they always find a way )
… im playing to spend time cuz im bored and i want to enjoy my time.
troll the troll would mean im starting to spend time trying to figure how to troll them. its too childish for me.
nah, mud gave me some nice solutions, at least im not spammed anymore ( for the moment )


100% true goes for everything that accumulative people use to be it forums or social media

There are some who are that petty, stubborn, or stay on target people out there, they tend to be the ones who get filmed and posted on social media being called Karens :rofl: