Blacklisting should also remove pings from those "players"

This is just a small part of one game with this guy spamming like a (censored) . he s been doing that for ages now , with his shitty drones , every single game , got reported countless times and still is merrily pinging his way through the game.
Could at least when we blacklist someone don t have to bear his constant pinging .

now , when i see him in the team i have my copy pasted “ping once and i will leave the game” which he proceeds to ignore , then i leave the game because he brings absolutely nothing to the game , runs around like an idiot and the only thing he achieves is wasting 15 player’s time.

and since as usual reporting to the devs , or anyone else is useless i leave you to enjoy his presence , but not in my team

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Yeah I hate that guy too, makes me wish you could turn off all pings

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I hate that too!
Sadly in 90% of the matches I play there is at least 1 butthole slurper who spams commands at the start but also not too uncommon for multiple slurpers to do so, lately a few slurpers spam commands throughout the match, which I tend to start pelt them with friendly fire or use them as shields!

It’s possible to mute them, can’t remember which control it is although i do know it’s in audio