Blast wheels

Created by the lunatics to really take out the competition. Its a lunatic race wheel that has an explosive charge in the hub caps and it explodes with a push of a button and its only used once but it really puts a dent in the side of things with it being filled with random objects found in the wasteland.

Enjoy let me know if you think this would be cool with a side mounted attacking vehicle.


Original. I Love the idea. Really. Deals with those side huggers when you have no rotating weapons.
But where’s the hair gone?


It’s on the trigger now.

Nice idea, I like it. I feel that’s what the devs were going for with tempura with the “one shot burn them while drifting” thing, but they failed by allowing people to put it on the front of their cars instead.

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decent idea, a combination of exploding these wheels right before self destructing could yield some nice results as well!

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Thank you. I try to think of creative things for all of us to enjoy. And me personally i like to fight whatever comes my way even if its my idea. Long as someone else likes it and enjoys using that item thats what im here for and thats a good game and fun for all. Hopefully the bad reputation that this game has gotten slowly vanishes and its repopulated with less rude individuals and more friendly ones will help everyone breathe a little. Too much fallout fog still but once it rains it will wash away like everything does in life. Long as we all try to work together that is. But i still see major nerd fights in the forums still and they still don’t get the hint. The devs are working hard for some of us worthy individuals. But from the market scams and low powerscore attacks i feel like its going to be a long road to fix and maybe the ones who ruined it for others will leave and it changes for the better. I feel bad for xbox players we wait the longest to play and we still don’t have a qued to wait number in all of our modes yet.

Well the reason i thought of this was because i was pushing a big judge build around and his tires were stuck with mine and i had more weight so he couldn’t shoot me so as i was spinning and pinning him around i thought of explosive tires that fight back just incase you have a side by side battle one will have a better way of defending off side attacks better. That poor player left the match becuase i never let him get a shot off like he wanted but its because he had a poop truck stopping him so i understand why when fart sounds lol. Having front faced weapons in a flank game is silly to me so i figured if we had tires that could somewhat help us in those situations it would benifit a better game play in the end and you can thank me with a battle to the endi if you see me. But honk after the dust settles. Meatgrinders and spiked tires are the only attack movement parts that do alot of damage vs all the others so maybe another attack movement part could help fight the rush builds a little more.

Must have a very guffaw feeling. A very entertaining explosion. Like ha! Caaaaaa Pow! Flat tire! Muhahahahahaha. Idc if his heel gets rather raw. Thank you dark continent good night! (Ace ventura) you know you can really poke someones eye out with that thing!

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