Bligth cabin

How is it possible that I spend more than 8 thousand coins to improve the bligh cabin of fire and nothing that touches me the improvement of the mass limit. I feel cheated hours and hours of farming so that I can give myself nothing.

So you upgraded it hoping for an improvement to the mass limit, but that’s not what you got? What did you get?

Of course, the next step would be to use stabilizers… the devs are nothing if not clever at milking players!


tonnage for 3
power for 2

that actually happened to me not just for blight but for the quantum cabin to. took me about 5 fusions to get what i wanted from it. blight was about 3 or 4 fusions but i gave up and kept the additional power it gave me.
if anything id save your money and wait till an event comes then if it has the fusion you want, get the second cab and fusion materials and get it that way. doing it through the normal fusion means is not recommended at all because you can keep getting the same fusions over and over again and its a huge waste of coin and resources.


Wouldn’t stabilizers help?

in all functions use stabilizers

in my case this was before stabilizers so yeah. also in most cases the stabilizers dont help.
so in this case he has a potential of 3 different fusions here

  • power +20%
  • cabin tonnage +10%
  • mass limit +10%

stabilizers only effect 2 slots out of 3 and even then its a 1 in 3 chance so 33% chance that he will get what he wants while the other 66% are the ones he doesnt need. so he can completely block off power and reliability and keep handling going but again, the odds are stacked against him. everytime he spins the wheel its a 50 / 50 chance if he already has a perk he doesnt need.

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