Blocked from market

I am blocked from the market. I have not refunded anything. I was however gifted a pack on my first day. How do I fix this?

Did they refund the gifted pack?

He said he didnt.

Put in a support ticket:

I’ve submitted two.

If your new you don’t unlock the market until level 10 to 15 with the engineers, something like that

Just hit 21

You have to give more details, it might resolve on it’s own too

It sometimes does take a while for them to get back to you. (weekish)

Make sure you turn on at least 2-factor for email too. Not having that on can lock you out of the market if your on pc.

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I don’t know what else to add. I thought it was my level… and now I’m 21 and can’t use the market.

Post a screenshot picture says a thousand words

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Try doing what hamster said and make sure 2FA
is enabled

I’m on Xbox

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It will take roughly a week for support to reply back from my experience. Also where you get 10k coin from with a level 22 account? did you buy a coin pack?

Bought 2

Guess you will have to contact support so you might have to wait a week but hopefully they gets back to you sooner than that hopefully

Ironically I just saw they replied a few hours ago.

“Referred to a specialist”