Blue Annihilator Electricity

Ive seen this unexpected blue electricity attack i think twice recently on my build coming from my annihilators and it looks pretty cool compared to the usual white kind.

Im trying to think of the source for this. Is this a perk coming from a team mates cab on me?

I know some cabs can boost your teamates power or something. Is this what is happening here?

I remember seeing this blue lightning on the icey volcano map but that is probably irrelevant.

I was finally able to catch the blue annihilator electricity attack on vid!

Still not sure what’s causing it but I’ve only ever seen it on the Volcano map and it doesn’t happen often. Maybe its a video glitch on my end but on another match on the volcano map i think i saw a blue light under a hovers hovers instead of the white version…but it blew up before I could verify.

Maybe someone else has experienced this? I think its cool looking but i bet white electricity would be cool looking if we only ever had blue.

Any effect that’s usually white, i.e. electric, aiming circles, etc, are made blue on that map as the landscape is too white for them to be seen normally.

Hi. Do you know this as a fact or a guess as it only happens sometimes on the Volcano map and not on any other map for me.

Ive never seen anything wrote about it before and ive seen no game notes from the devs explaining this.

Is this something you have experienced and what weapon projectiles were u seeing as blue? I would like to know as ive been playing over 3 years and never seen this effect before the new map.

It almost seems like you say its linked to a “time of day” in game…such as dawn or bright noon on this volcano snow map…or one of the lighter times of a day available. If this is true then i should be able to recreate this effect by creating my own game and testing against the volcano map options.

I shall try to prove you right and see if i can manipulate this colour into appearing.

Thnx for the reply.