Blue Screen of Death

So! Just after updating the game (previous to the last patch) upon starting up the game for the 1st time, just as the login screen popped up, my comp crashed with a one of the blue screen informing me “Something went wrong.” The comp restarted shortly there after and things seemed fine. Well, at 9:45 tonight, while building in the garage, it happened again.

I wasn’t running anything else. What gives?

Never had one ever in xo, so imo it very likely related to your hardware, or maybe it’s just not 100% stable on some OS. XO only crashed few times, before update, and without blue screen. It’s rather technical topic. And usually takes a lot of specs(hardware, operation system, etc) and perhaps not for discussion topic but for them technical ones devs look into.

last time i had symptoms like that it turned out to be a bad stick of ram, but this was long ago on a pentium 4 lol

I had suffer for 2 years with a PC that did that and it went back to the workshop for 7 or 8 times. The company keep telling me it was me cause the issue. from software to websites and running too many apps…etc. At the last 6 months that 2 years I open it up to test and find it was overheat issue. The mass overheat was from the graphic card and the heat spread to the whole case.
Funny out of all the time it went back to their workshop, no crash or overheat found by them. Every time in the shop them have check and recheck before send back to me, but they didn’t plug in the ram at one time an left the front USB unplug from another time.
In the past I had blue screen after adding a new ram in. Also a 2nd hand RAM that was bend. Ram is the first thing I would check as heat can cause a small monument even when it is in the slot. The 2nd thing to check would be dust build up or old dry thermal paste cause over heat on the graphic card.

Mind you I can’t start crossout yesterday and everything else works fine. I will try again today and reinstall crossout again if it happen again.

Just an update…i am able to start the game after I use the Corssout Launcher. In steam the game refuse to start.

Never had that… hope it stops.

It’s Your PC, Not CrossOut lel :laughing:

yes ram…
unplug the pc and push on ur ram so they are seated again…heat ect will make them unseat…
‘mine makes it so it can’t see my vid card’ fyi :saluting_face:
takes a couple tries,but works for me…

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Let Him Upload Some Screens Of His PC :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

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so i just had a bluescreen error due to anticheat , im assuming star citizens eac is conflicting with crossouts eac , this is the route i will be taking to resolve the issue

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