Blueprint limit increase past 32

I would like to know if there is a plan to increase blueprint limit (current at 32). Now that we have heli to save I feel like a little out of capacity. Plus I’ve got a blueprint expension I cannot sell and cannot use since I’m maxed out of BP.

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In their stream they simple said that “they hear us” regarding a want for more blueprint slots… so take that how you will

I’m sure they will make them helicopter specific so they can make the expansions only craftable from previous BP items. That seems to be where everything is headed on XO.

Yeah and don’t forget storage space. I’m at 399/400 now. I can’t even buy the new battlepass (or any more packs) because my storage is full, and i’m fed up with having to buy storage expansions at rediculous prices.

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I bought mine after the BP’s that had a lot of them and prices were suppressed. It’s 5 per upgrade now. (750, need 2 more expansions).