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This map is available in custom battles.
If set to “Sunny day”, the lake fills with water, which drowns you almost immediately. Artillery cannot reach across the lake to the other spawn, and you can’t make it to the islands without dying. So… amphibious vehicles, or helis coming to custom battles?

Thoughts on what will happen?

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amphibious vehicles hopefully

Good catch!
Would be cool to have amphibious vehicles in Crossout, although if they make it a separate battle it will probably be even less popular than air battles.

Ideally all battles could be ground/air/water, but unlikely to actually happen.

I think they did hover ships as a brawl for some special brawl day a while back.

Vehicles under 10,000 kgs float lol

This map has been around for at least a year. We used to play on it with one of my hover builds, using of all things, a tow rocket!

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Do you hover over the water? If so I might need to invest in some hovers…

Yes hovers can fly over acid and water.

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I dont like helis. But i think id like ships. Maybe if they add ships to the heli mode i would play it.

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Or just boats in general. Right now I have a stand-in, but it’s not the greatest…

Hovers fly over water and acid, but will take damage from acid fumes. Hovers are also a great investment even if you only use them for art builds; I built a fleet of Star Wars ™ vehicles using them.

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