Booster capacity

i feel we should have a module that boosts the fuel capacity on boosters.
the thing is the co-driver for it only gives a small boost. the highest boosters have 100 and the boost gives 16 extra fuel but it just doesnt last. i use them in adventure mode to speed through the map and complete missions faster, but the boosters run out of fuel so quick that i have to kill enemies to refuel quite often.
i mean… does anyone else object to this? if so why?
id just find it helpful to have more fuel to boost around in adventure to complete the missions faster. can this be used maliciously?

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I believe all boosters should have unlimited boost. You’re spending energy to move faster, why have it be limited in any capacity.

If not unlimited, then ammo packs (or a new module ) should increase boost.

iirc i think they used to have unlimited fuel / boosts on them. but because of the tusk cabin they were given a capacity and limit.

yes this! i want to be able to have more fuel capacity in my boosters. i dont want to be fueling up every 20 seconds in adventure because im constantly running out of fuel. they should also have a upgrade for them that gives a boost to how much extra fuel they can have to!

Why not fuel tanks?


Boosters used to have unlimited fuel with a cd if you overheated them. That was very imbalanced for many builds not just tusks. (remember the flippers?)
They need limited fuel capacity, however I think a module that adds 50% capacity for (2 energy?) may work well. I don’t think it can be a multiple-equip module or less than 2 energy, at 1 energy it would be a no brainer.

Maybe for Adventure mode they could just add fuel rewards. I would like it if they did that by either installing gas stations, fuel depots, or introducing re-spawning fuel trucks to the Wasteland that you can pillage and plunder for fuel. They do have all those oil rigs running out there. I’d think they’d have gas somewhere nearby.

Adventure mode needs help. It could be so much more.

no i dont. i wasnt around when they had unlimited fuel. you have any videos of them?

how would it op if it were 1 energy?? i was thinking of a nitro injector module that doubles your fuel capacity and gives you a longer boost time, consuming slightly less fuel.
plus i havent seen people use boosters in such a long time. i dont even think they are used anymore in pvp are they??

I don’t remember them being unlimited. I remember them having a set number of charges with a CD but you had to use a complete charge each time you activated them.

When they switched them to the current method I excitedly gave them a shot thinking they would be more controllable but I was always kind of disappointed with the amount of boost per booster.

I think the using the fuel barrels would probably be fine for them for extra capacity.

You had me…until you didn’t?

Let me put my thoughts on what you said in another way that’s comparable.

Ammo packs should cost 1 energy, minimum. It’s a no brainier.

Ammo should not cost 1 energy, you already had to strap a bomb to your car.

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The irony of hovers that don’t use fuel and can keep a rig elevated indefinitely and boosters that only work for a few seconds is nauseating.

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At one energy, EVERY SINGLE build with boosters would have one. At 2 energy it becomes a real choice.

100% (or double) is way too much fuel in one module, you are returning it to unlimited for no real thought or trade off.

sure they are used. They are not as common as they were when they were OP for obvious reasons.

At first, they worked like MG’s. you could tap them to oblivion and they worked with rads and coolers.
You could just use them and a skinner, flip people up in the air and back down so hard it would explode their builds in one shot. (this lasted through several changes).

it is a no brainer, especially when it explodes half your build away including my intelligence! xD

i remember they had this mechanic in big black scorpions to.

i seen this in bedlam. however some peoples builds were just to heavy to move with the ones they had. if you had a light build then you were toast. but are you forgetting that skinners got a nerf to? skinners were pretty broken. i think the tension on the skinner should break if to much tension is put on them to. then i think thered be less of those types of builds.

not exactly. but it could be brought down to 50% and it can have a upgrade that gives it an extra 10% fuel for boosters. that or it can give it a unique ability that boosters become explosive when destroyed. or if the module is destroyed you loose all your fuel.

yeah really lol.

Gonna dog pile, here… Using any weapon that needs ammo is a gamble - especially since it’s so easy to see and shoot clean through your armor to take out the tender bits.

You either have to mount your ammo far away from everything almost like space armor so it doesn’t hurt when it goes pop, or you have to absolutely build around it to bury it in hopes it doesn’t go pop.

Then, the fact that there are no ammo drops in PVP… and yeah… nah…

Honestly, all non-melee weapons should use ammo - even energy weapons… especially energy weapons. Heck the whole reason we don’t all have laser guns is because the batteries would be too big. Why can an Arbiter fire indefinitely, but a Reaper can’t? Just dumb.

arbiter is a minigun. its bullets dont do a whole lot of damage. having just 1 wont do a whole lot for you. reapers are a massive minigun with alot higher damage, recoil and can hold its own. thus it would make sense that the reaper would need ammo. could you imagine if it could fire without the use of ammo crates? thats a scary thought…

bots can do this easily. for some reason their scorpion shots go clean through your entire build. even some bosses in raids can do this and i find that extremely unfair. there was 1 time a scorpion bots shot went through my entire build and exploded my generator behind the cabin.

yep. no refueling that booster ya got haha.

i really dont think that should be the case. energy weapons should rely on the power from your cabin instead of ammo. the energy is based off electricity or plasma. theres the promethius that looks like it uses ammo racks but even then it wouldnt be fun to limit every single weapon like that.

I was talking about earlier then what’s his name’s slambuild fad. I remember those though.

what? how can a comment about how something was 3 years ago take into account a nerf 2 1/2 years later? I did not comment on how things are now, I commented on how things WERE. Skinners were not nerfed then so no need for me to comment about it.

Oh lordy, I’ve been playing this game long enough to remember when booster had no fuel mechanic :rofl:

Like I mentioned before they did have unlimited boost, but then the fuel mechanic came in

Same… How long ago was that? I ask that for real because I can’t remember when I started playing. I want to say it was 2017… errr… 2057, but honestly don’t know.

In November of 2017, I recall seeing a YT ad pop up and decided to check this game out

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