Boss AI raids

ok seriously what is with the boss ai in raids?
like every single time i fight a boss in raids they ALWAYS come right for me. they literally ignore everyone else and just gun it for me. im ALWAYS the first person dying to the boss because i dont fricken know.
ive noticed this alot in raids in the past month and its frustrating the hell out of me. the boss might fire a few shots at my team mates but after im in sight it just ignores them and hard focuses me.
i tend to notice this pattern in pve as well, ai bots are the absolute worst and will stalk you to hell and back till your a smoldering pile of metal on the ground.
in some pve matches the bots will hard focus on one target which makes the whole “ai bots target randomly” to be complete bullcrap. i seen a match where the bots were focusing on 1 target, literally ignoring myself and out other team mates till they killed their target. then they seem to target the closest target to them and gang up on them so hard the ally wont know what killed them.

its just in raids you have a team of 4 players and i find it absolutely stupid how the bot ai works. because theres always a certain bot that targets me no matter what.

for dawns children is the spark bots, they always target me and noone else.
steppenwolves is cannons weather it be spider cannons or cannons on tracks it doesnt matter, they always go for me.
lunatics is the boss and spears.
firestarters is incinerators and any flamethrower types.
scavengers is literally everything

like it just seems to me that anytime a bullet of mine wizzes past their heads, not even toughing them, they all focus on me even if they are focusing on someone else. hell someone could have a gun firing nonstop and i could have a 6 shooter and they would focus on me for some dumb reason.
also what is up with dawns children weapons? their energy weapons annoy me because they fire a large burst of shotgun spread machinegun style version of the synthesis weapon. and its not how the gun is supposed to function at all… i end up taking alot of damage on multiple weapons and parts. i wondered why they did that for the longest time.

its just weird how the ai behaves and why the boss outright targets me so much. and i dont believe this is point based either. because i had different scores alot of the time being lowest or the highest and the boss behaved the same. is it because im running porcs? is it because im using bigfoot wheels? is it because i didnt read the weekly issue of “car jacked”? or maybe it was cause i didnt read “pimp my ride”… anyways what do you guys think about this? cause i cant be the only one who notices this. i cant remember if i brought this up in the past but i think i might have.

(also can we please get a winter themed raid of perimeter breach and fortress defense with a hyperborea faction as the enemies. this would be so nice.)

As far as I can tell, the bots target and chase the first enemy they see. If you are more aggressive than your teammates, that means you’re probably closest, so you are going to be targeted.

If it is a build without a verifier, you can stop them from chasing you by ducking behind cover and cloaking.

Your best bet is to learn how to use your teammates as meat shields LOL.

I get the feeling you are the meat shield for a lot of people you are playing with.

i thought you might say that but no, i have been keeping an eye on my team mates and my positioning and they always seem to go for me. my team mates can also be closer to the enemies to but theyd just drive right past them, sometimes shooting something but as soon as the enemy gets to me they just hard focus me. theres enemy types that just go right for me no matter what.

i dont typically run cloaks in raids mainly because id need a whole new build for it and i am a bit lazy. plus i dont use the “auto build” feature because… lets face it… some of the builds are pretty bad :unamused:
even then though cloaking does nothing, enemies will still shoot at you even after 5 seconds of being in cloak, i know this through pve and experience.

people tend to drive in front of me to block my shots and be jerks just to point hog. i especially notice this with other porc builds. theyll just drive in front of you and block your porcs / gunfire while tossing their own. i just use them as meat shields. that or just ram into them and send them flying into the enemy. play douchy games, win douchy prizes i say. :rofl:
even funnier when they rage at you for it. they are literally on a hover, they couldnt push a safety pin with those :laughing:

If your three randoms cloak up to get rid of the aggro, it’s for you.

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most of the time they dont have cloaks though.

so i was just in a raid with firestarters… and 2 people were ahead of me on terminal 45. i was on the metal bridge part on the highest point of the bridge, my two team mates were further up. well the boss spawned in and dashed past my first team mate paying him no mind at all, dashed on top of my second team mate, then got off of him and made a mad dash right for me, i blew apart his face with my porcs, he dashes past me then tries to come back around for another pass at me… but then i killed him with my porcs. this is what i mean, my team mates didnt cloak or anything, the boss just came right for me with no rhyme or reason… well the reason is im the enemy but still. he never stopped to attack my team mates and just made a B-line right for me. i dont know what is making me such a huge target. im thinking it has to do with HP. i typically run a build with lowish HP being 1157 plus 2 train plows on the front, 2 porcs, 2 arbiters and an apollo.

What I have experienced is that they switch target to you if you have highest dps.

And when a new ai of the same class respawns it will continue to target you if you are in detection range.

Having a stealth module is useful to cancel the aggro.

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that cant be true. because there are people running retchers and more porcs then me which are much higher dps but they still come for me. i highly doubt 2 porcs and 2 arbiters can out dps 3 or 4 porcs and retchers can they?

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Maybe indirect explosive damage isn’t causing aggro. Like 20 to 30 percent don’t make direct contact with the target. Maybe the same with indirect fire damage too.

from my experience bots act that way.
they will agro the first player close to them. then switch agro to anyone’s opening fire at them… they can still switch agro if 1 of the players do more dmg to them than the others ( you can verify this i confirm this 100% )
… as main quad MG user i often got agro by entire bot wave cuz my mg’s spreading them all. maybe you should try avoiding hitting all bots but one by one. i know i may sound idiot but if your mates are not in the mood to help you, 4 bots can easilly drain your hp pool pretty fast long time before facing the boss at the end! its why im main MG, i can strip weapon pretty fast even if my mates are speedrunning.
… cloak can save your life UNTIL you cloak TOO close from the bot… it wont lose track of you. it will even shot at you, even if you are cloaked. … guess its all i can say.
and boss have same behavior than any other bots. its even worst for the bosses to work properly since they got too many diffrent weapons and AI is definitly not made for that

thats the issue though, i am only hitting one but then they all target me. i even tried only using my 2 arbiters to deal damage when my other team mates were shooting at them with machine guns of their own but for some reason the bots turn to me and start focusing on me rather then the target they were originally shooting at. i dont think 2 arbiters do that much damage, probably not more then a reaper… and if anything a reaper can keep constantly firing and never stop, where as arbiters need to cool down when they eventually overheat.

im unsure… ive had a few enemies drive through my fire puddles from the porcs and focus fire on me before to.

then how do you explain bots who target me when im nowhere even close to them? the spark bots are notorious for coming after me, they will bypass everyone just to get to me. no joke. ive had 3 team mates closer to them then i was, they were shooting at the spark bots but they ignored them and just came straight for me. the spark bots ALWAYS come for me no matter what. seriously, i never had 1 match where they DIDNT come after me or not target me. its not just the 1 spark bot either its the 3 spark bots as well.

ive come across this far to many times. most of the time the idiots will grab the cargo and book it for the boss and not even bother trying to help us fight off the remaining enemies. (perimeter breach)
i really hate people who do this because often times im fighting off 3 or 4 spawns of enemies myself while their 3/4 of the way to the boss spawn. its not that i cant handle them, its just the sheer stupidity of it. i get that some people want to end the match quickly but your not the only one in the damn game. if your that much in a hurry then suicide and let the team finish it instead of being an ass.

some bosses are so broken though like the lunatic and the firestarter boss. literally im dead in just 2 shotgun blasts from them. even from full health it takes just 2 shots to strip my front plows and 1 shot to kill me in 1 hit. dawns boss can be a pain to, that stupid scorpion shot goes through my entire build and does ridiculous damage to me. some bosses are just unfair.

Do you think that the game is targeting you specifically? If so, why do you think they would target you specifically?
I mean, I have done raids where it feels like every bot is coming for me, but that’s usually when I’m playing miniguns and spraying everyone. If I play less aggressively, bots don’t seem to target me as much.

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You should play with me.
Spider cannons bots bosses, usually i’m the first and the closest to them.

Medium and easy raids i’m the boss bot