Bot intensity

Just curious, Have the bots intensity been turned up along with their weapons juiced up quite a bit more? I as well as quite a few others have noticed how aggressive the bots have become in patrol. The average’s of wins have decreased immensely. Not looking for a push over match like they used to be. Many took advantage for quick daily completion. Cliché “Shooting fish in a barrel” They appear to be cranked up past “O.P” . Getting one shot killed by a bot from across the map at spawn isn’t abnormal these days . Nowadays its far better off in normal PVP other than PVE. better rewards . Let the flames to begin in replies…

Well a number of bots are new so it can’t really be an apples to apples type of comparison. There are also more relics and legendries being used by bots too adding onto that. Not to neglect a number of newer epics being added in too. I think some of it will just be getting use to them not that it’s simply been cranked to OP.

They’ve for a long time been able to shoot all the way across the map with fairly pin point accuracy. They do seem to be paying more attention to their radars when not already engaged in combat. I haven’t noticed them really being more aggressive. They are sometimes taking different paths now too rather than all of them running directly to cap.

I understand , One must adjust and rethink their own strategy . But sadly far too many Live players have been used to faceplanting bots for that “easy kill”. Not so much any more! LMBO! Adjust to the situation, rethink strategy and execute. But then its patrol… What could one expect right ?! Low ball rewards as well. Not the quick git-r-done missions any longer sadly. Leaving luxury time for the PVE battles . Thought I would drop a line to see what I could catch so to speak. (Not trolling)

I try not to expect much. lol… I think it’s better than having stale bots though. I’d just people time to adapt to them. Some of the newer weapons will probably expose new flaws in players builds as well. Not to forget there were tons of little resistance tweaks to armor so some things are just going to be different. As players get use to them the quick feeling will probably return.

Well, I for one refuse to play against A.I that is using Relics against my lower grade weapons. Not only are they 100% accurate they seem to have had their weapon intensity cranked up . Oh well, small fish, big ocean.

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I think I caught the Bots learning in PVE (patrols), since the update.

I had this Hover build with two fused Barriers, and a couple Owls. I would just find a good spot in a bottle neck, or in the middle of a comfortably sized group of them, light up my Barrier and plant my ass while the Owls killed them all. It worked great…for a while. Then they started sending these Trucks with shotguns to ram my ass off my perch beneath the umbrella of the Barriers. Then the cannon across the way would end my crispy art-schit.

I don’t that anymore.

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They are strong or not, there is no problem, they are still not more capable than most players right now, and there are as many bots and players on both sides, the question is whether they are more evenly matched now, the developers should go and count their win rates and give them some balance adjustments

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They have better builds now. And their ballistic aimbot that perfectly accounts elevation, range, and target speed and direction make some weapons rather OP.

Better looking too.
In PVP it can be handy to find a Bot that is armed with compliments to your build and use them for a travel buddy. Lone-wolf random adventures into PVP matches can result in awkward groups, and it’s often nice to find a competent sidekick in some of these bots.

I like the cannon-bot. Some of the other bots still seem a little crazy or suicidal, though.



I too like them. They are predictable - which means they are reliable to cooperate with.
I think they have 3 main AI types:

  1. Cannon sniper - moves until sees target, stops and fires, starts moving only when target is destroyed, lost line of sight with target, and until acquired new target.
  2. Mobile - usually utilizes mid-range support weapons like MGs or Triggers. Attacks target while circling around it at a distance.
  3. Melee - takes target head on, armed with lances, boomstics, melee weapons etc…
    Typically certain bot builds use same tactic, but can switch when for example bot with cannon and harvester lost cannon will switch to melee mode, but that works rather unreliable.

Also I still don’t comprehend how they actually choose targets. Sometimes it feels like bots focus me over everyone else and there is some server setting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: focus this player over others. I don’t really mind, if it so it can be used against them, but it happens from time to time when you not expecting it. Or it’s just that weird logic of them choosing targets. Typically they of course try to attack the one they detected first or the one who damages them more at the moment, but sometimes they seem to ignore the one attacking them at blank range and keep on shooting something far away which is rather illogical. And they don’t switch targets very often, there is very likely some setting limiting them doing it.
When they introduced new bots I was at first like:
Oww such a nice build dude… of wait… it’s a bot. Definitely like them for running nice builds, not like those players with their ugly meta trashpiles.
And they seem to be more effective too. Weak bot builds may sound logical, but there is definitely strong ones, so bot distribution breaking team balance isn’t cool.


I think if you are playing exceptionally well, they will target you. Just like real players, but especially in patrol…or I suck too bad at PVP since 2.0 to provoke them there anymore, but I’m not the only one who’s complained about getting on a kill streak and then being snipered from across the map, right off the bat, in match after match, over and over, by Bots with an apparent warrant for your execution.

I’ve had multiple Bots chase me all across the map throughout the entire game before, but it’s been a while since I’ve gotten them provoked like that. My game mostly sucks these days, but the update to wheels has helped a lot.

I don’t mind. If they want to get me, I’ll stay away from open grounds, retreat as long as they chase me, break line of site, all that makes them easy targets for my teammates. Ambush them when they are isolated and busy. Same as fighting some mad players that prioritize me over everything.
It’s just that they don’t do that reliably, so I don’t believe much that to be true. But it happens once in a while catching me off guard when I’m not expecting it.
Also I don’t play PvE much, too boring, only for some dailies and other challenges. But I see a lot of bots in PvP, 8*8 human only is rather rare.

In raids they very consistently target the guy with the highest score. That’s how I can tell if I’m ahead or not. It’s routine there.

The bots will preferentially attack players who deal more damage to them


This is EXACTLY what I and several others have experienced. You do really well for a couple of PVE battles and then out of the blue the bots have learned who to target. maybe switching out builds periodically may reduce this A.I learning phenomenon.

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There is no A.I learning in Crossout. At least for now. Just hide for 1-3 sec behind wall and they will target any other visible person like they do in beginning. Ofc there is damage factor like told before too.

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Respectfully I beg to differ ! Unless, Provided that you are a programmer and factually know the programming of this said game. Which is intellectual property. I highly doubt is available to the general public. FYI, hiding does NOT stop the AI from hunting you down. Some people believe others are “Meh”… Therefore I agree to disagree. No intent to be obstinate about my thoughts.

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I was trying to figure out how to say the same thing…thanks.

They still get stuck on walls, so they can’t be too bright. At least in some regards. Combat they seem to do good with, but I think they are using a “Navimesh” that has some wrinkles in it. So, I’m not sure it means they’re stupid. NPCs in Fallout or Skyrim will do that if the Navimesh is incorrect. It’s easy to fix, though.

Has anyone seen one get MVP in PVP yet? Is that even possible? I know they perform well enough to earn one sometimes. I’ve seen them out-play the PVP population many times.

Yes i am programmer and i know a lot about this topic along with AI topic, thats why i share my observation.(that ofc is not prooved, but observed that its prodecurally written, not real AI behaviour)

Navmesh is only used to find pathfinding, what you see in game is not what is used by procedural-ai. Physics same is much different than GPU mesh models. What i were talkign about was real AI(tensorflow/etc) that as observed is not implemented here.

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That kind of works. Although sometimes you might need to have someone else to attack bot for him to engage that person. However, sometimes it seems bot will ignore this attacks, he will engage the other targets, but will keep moving towards you and reengage as soon as line of site restored, abandoning those “low priority targets” he acquired in absence of clear line of sight with you while still moving specifically towards you. Now tell me this ain’t weird.
But idk, that seems like need some serious bot AI breakdowns and some replays to back this up.

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