Bot Lives Matter

I like what they’ve done for the Bots lately. I know everybody doesn’t, but I sure do. I like their improved performance and I love their new looks. Thanks again, Devs.

I think their new builds with a proper nod towards aesthetics greatly enhances the environment we play in, and their improved skills makes life better for lone random players like me in PVP. Now, I always have at least one reliable team-mate in PVP.

Anyway, I thought I’d start a thread to showcase their new builds, because they are leaps and bounds sharper looking than they used to be. IDK who they put on the job for this, but God bless you whoever you are.

They are a littlle tricky to get good screenshots of since they are always rushing off to battle and get dinged up, But I caught a couple…

I like that one a lot.

That one just posed nice, but I like it too.

That one I haven’t gotten a good look at yet, but I’m betting it’s pretty cool.

If you guys got a better shot of that one, or any other, I would like to see your screen-shot, if you’d please post it here.

If you just wanna gripe about how screwed up Bots are, you can do that too. Whatever, but I think the developers have done good work with this feature, and would like to appreciate it. Show me your bot-shots.



I think the new bots AI is much better, other people don’t like it because they don’t want to slow down their grind.

FYI: bots don’t look like that at high PS.

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Ya, I know. Aesthetics get harder to pull off the higher you go. Nobody knows that better than I do, but thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Those are really low powered bots in my post, but I’m sure there is a cool one or two higher up. I’d like to see them all. Show me what you’re seeing at 16K or wherever…or don’t. Maybe they’re sad, boring and ugly. IDK. You should just post one anyway, if you’ve got a good bot-shot.

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bots in mid ps on pc are Killers,’,strip the weps or your dead’…i can’t say that enough every game :yum:

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I guess I have to ring in here… I wish that PLAYERS are more like the Bots… I say this because when I find that lone Bot somewhere and I’m cutting it up like mowing a lawn… THE OTHER Bots seem to know how to intervene and come to the Bots rescue… That never happened before unless in a group… I don’t know how others feel… But they have become smarter… those pesly bots

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I hear ya.

Sometimes I like to just let the Cannon Bot pick targets, and then I support whatever their wicked agenda is. It worked for me today, anyway. It’s worked before too.

I think I know how to play this game OK, but I am not a leader. If left alone to my own devices, with a bunch of lost kids and no leadership, I will just push “W” and jump into the fire like an idiot. I do that a lot…I have special builds just for those days.


Here’s a better picture of that one bot…


Yeah I do pay attention to the bots when they get updated/swapped out for new ones
Who would’ve thought the lower the PS the bot is, they start to look different…

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This one seemed lost, confused, or was guarding the bridge. IDK. Drunk on ethanol?


Here’s a good one…

That’s the Crossout I came to play.


I see these guys a lot.

Did they nerf the bots back to where they were? I tried some Patrols yesterday, because it’s the best place to get pictures of the Bots, and they seemed pretty harmless again. I think they need to be more difficult…I liked them better the way they were, but maybe they’re still pretty strong around 7K or higher? IDK, I’ve been playing way under that lately.

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That is why PVP is not a competitive mode.



This is why I kinda’ wish there were PS brackets for weapon or even part rarity. No one needs a relic at 5k.

I’m not sure what this guy’s game was. He didn’t participate much, and obviously wasn’t very effective when he did.

To be clear, that is how he spawned. That is not a screen shot of him after he got stripped. That’s the whole build. I saw him in three or four matches (against an organized squad too). After I took that screen shot he spontaneously combusted and I didn’t see him anymore.

Child? Cheat? Idiot? IDK, but without those bots, being left with the “random regulars” in PVP can leave the game in a pathetic condition. They really help keep PVP at some standard, keep the flow of matches going in the right direction, and are often the best players on the team.

People complain about the bots being stupid, but it would be way more stupid without them in PVP. I would hate to see matches with no bots, and lately I tend to stick with the bots rather than other players, because the random players in PVP seem so lost and uncoordinated, often. Not always, but often.

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The dev’s loves the relics at 5k especially when they have bots now with legendaries under 4k…

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