Bot Priorities

They seem to target anything that is closest.
When players drops a few mines or turrets, they will go attack them.
Ive seen it in many games where a bot prioritizes them instead of the player chewing him up.
Its both a funny and sad sight to see that big gun cannon bot trying to destroy all the mines while the game goes on around him. :person_facepalming:

I think there is some cooldown on bot changing targets. If it didn’t exist, we would see bots rotate weapons more than shooting, instead they only change target once in 2-4 sec, something like that.

is that so? then explain to me how an entire team of bots can target me right off the bat? ive had matches where the entire enemy team would hard focus on me when i wasnt even the closest person to them. id be at the back and the whole team of bots would come after me while ignoring everyone else.

but yes and this is why drones, kapkans and mines are useless. bots prioritize targeting them over anything else and often times just dance around them if they are using things like shotguns. i seen bots literally drive in circles around a kapkan just out of its range and shoot at it. for drones they just target them imediately then start harassing and stalking you again. break line of sight with a cloak? no issues, the instant you come out of it theyll shoot you again. go into cloak while their targeting you? theyll wait till your cloak wears off while looking right at you then shoot you as soon as it wears off.

bot ai is stupid and absurd.

They have an aggro system IDK how you didn’t figure this out yet. If you do enough damage to them, they will disengage their current target and focus on you. Their first target is the first enemy that they see, either directly, our through a teammate’s radio or radar detector. If they lose sight of their target they chase it for about 5 seconds before forgetting it. If they are already committed to making an attack (a Destructor ray or a burst of machine gun or autocannon fire), they follow through with perfect aim even if the target cloaks and does an evasive maneouver. The claims that bots camp corners and shoot people out of stealth out of the blue are absurd, but sometimes they do get cheeky and start targeting weapons instead of cabins, if the game really wants the other team to lose.