Bot thread 2

hello targem, i please you stop giving aimbot to relics at 10k PS.

my final message
change the bots


Those Relic weapon bots go down as much to 5k, not fun to meet them ingame.

For years the community requested better bots. Or no bots to be fair.
Any time i got the chance i was telling them to shut up and let bots as useless as they were at the time, its was fine.

They fixed the bots and now they are perfect aim terminators, they go for objectives and get stuck much less often.
Do you enjoy losing to them now? People should, they asked for it.

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people did ask for bots to be less useless, but i would bet they were not expecting 100% accuracy aimbot

Bots were using the same aimbot since day one.

What exactly was the suprise, people got EXACTLY what they asked for.

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They always were 100% accuracy (that is, if you’re extremely predictable and don’t abuse their targeting quirks).

I personally barely noticed any change in bots lol. You abuse their AI, they can’t do shit. Takes longer to kill them, maybe?

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Now this I can agree with. I found a punisher bot at 4k.



Most sane players left, now we left with those that can’t even fight bots. =S

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