Bots are finally getting old

I enjoyed farming bots for a long time to make myself feel like I’m a better player than I actually am (we all guilty of it I’m sure) but the limitations contrasts itself the most in armored aircraft mode where it is just you vs 2 or 3 other rotor players farming ground bots. The bot’s can barely do ground mode but with rotors they are hopeless. I think the devs should really shift their attention to improving bot ai because i think that might be a partial contributor for the big loss of players over the past year as well. At the minimum they should at least give bots the ability to use rotors at some point.

I think they should add a script that tells the bots how far away from their current target they need to be to consistently have firing angles on that target. As in, if the bot’s gun depression only allows to consistently hit a target if they are 150m away, then flying above the bot will result in the bot driving away to attempt to engage.

Still definitely cheeseable, but guaranteed to be less than the bot trying to drive directly underneath a target it cant hit.

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lol I actually agree. They need to put in code to stop them from jumping off cliffs to their doom when they see heli’s.